Get rid of routine.

professional gay wedding photographerOne of the major challenges of trying to establish your place in the industry as a gay wedding photographer is the fact that you have probably been a wedding photographer for the longest time running and most of your experiences have been with heterosexual couples. Although this may not turn out to be something that you have given a lot of thought before, the fact remains that as a wedding photographer who has been in the industry for quite some time now, you have most likely fallen into certain habits for the mere fact that you have been doing them again and again in all of the weddings that you have managed to shoot. Whatever you may have been used to in the past might turn out to be things that might impede you from becoming an efficient gay wedding photographer in the future. You need to go out of your way to be willing to unlearn the things that you may already know and to relearn them the right way so that you will be able to execute those said things in your wedding photo shoot the right way.

Get rid of normal gender roles.

Depending on the kind of same sex couple that you will be dealing with, the gender roles may vary greatly. The normal masculine and feminine gender roles that you are are used to seeing and being surrounded with all of the time may not be applicable to what you are about to experience as a gay wedding photographer. Same sex relationships usually run a little bit deeper and slightly more complicated than that and that is the kind of thing that you will need to brace yourself for when it all comes down to it. It can be very confusing at times and a blanket approach when it comes to something like this is both inappropriate and inapplicable. The only way for a gay wedding photographer to find a way around this would be to go straight to the source and ask the clients about it right off the bat. Most of the gay couples who are thinking about getting married have long been at peace and happy with the state of their relationships that it really shouldn’t be too much problem trying to go ahead and explain things to you at the end of the day.

Get rid of exclusive language.

Be careful with the way that you compose your statements as a gay wedding photographer. A somewhat thoughtless and relatively harmless term or phrase can easily spread like wildfire and cause uncomfortable situations. Instead of saying “bridal party”, say “wedding party” or something fairly similar to that. Use inclusive and general language especially when there is a gender that needs to be addressed. It can require a bit of work in the beginning but for as long as you are willing to work through it, you should get the hang of things in the long run and this is what every professional gay wedding photographer should aim for.