a family photo shootWhen you are in the process of brainstorming some ideas for an upcoming family photo shoot, it is extremely important that you go ahead and request your clients for a sit down session to talk to them about the details and about the specifics. Although they obviously trust you to be creative with the shoot since they have already hired you as their official photographer, you still need to keep in mind that when it all comes down to it, they still get to have the last say on things, whether it is something that you are comfortable with or not. At this point, it doesn’t matter what you are comfortable with or not, what is important is that you go ahead and bend over backwards to give your clients exactly what they are asking for.

You are simply the artist who is being used as a medium so that they can give live to their visions or to what they have in mind for the family photo shoot. You can always go ahead and make suggestions and the like but always loop them in and make them feel as if it is always their call at the end of the day. Clients like to feel respected and valued, even by the photographer that they hired.

Get to know your clients a little bit.

Ask them a few basic questions that will more or less let you know a little bit about who they are and about the things that they like and the things that they don’t at the end of the day. Go for something that is unique and something that stands out from the rest of the other things that you have done before. Don’t settle for something that you have been doing over and over again. Every family is different and what that means is that you need to make sure that you attempt to treat everything differently and with a renewed or refreshed perspective at the end of the day. Try to talk to them about their hobbies or what they do during their free time. That should say a lot about them and about what their particular personalities are. Try to see if you can spend a day with them at home, just to see what kind of vibe you will be getting from them. Ask them if it’s alright for them to go through with it of course. If not, you can always try to settle with your context clues gathering skills and try to figure them out from afar. Check their social media pages just to get a glimpse of what their lives are all about so that you will be able to showcase them well in a family photo shoot.

Take note of the fact that a family photo shoot should run under a certain timeline.

Go for natural light as much as possible. The early mornings and late afternoons are almost always the best time of the day for you to hold the family photo shoot. Not only is it the most conducive time of the day for natural light, it is most likely the perfect time wherein the family are all together. The parents aren’t off to work and the children are still home from school.