York wedding photographerInstead of simply answering questions, we are here to help you decide whether your wedding photographer is fulfilling minimum requirements you should be receiving. We understand the concern that lots of photographers offer different things and that you also have different needs. That is why we’d like to cater our answer to possible different packages that a York wedding photographer can offer.

I have one photographer responsible for my wedding pictures

So, people are frequently torn between having one photographer like JoanneB Photography as their York wedding photographer or if they have to get a second shooter. This depends on the size of your party. The question is how big is too big for a single photographer?

Anywhere more than 50 people is a big party. In this kind of condition, there’s no way that a single photographer can keep track of all the guests and still remain focused on taking pictures of you and your partner, the main characters.

Taking pictures in a wide hall will also prove to be troublesome since that means your photographer has to walk around for a really long time to get everything covered. Even when he’s done that, there’s no saying that every single thing is covered. One person can only have a pair of eyes; he’s bound to miss something.

I will get the copyright of the pictures

This is a little bit tricky because each professional photographer has their own ways of dealing with it. According to the Copyright Act, the first owner of the pictures taken are the photographers, and unless they are stated otherwise, the copyrights still belong to them.

So, what does this mean? You cannot reproduce, post them to the public or sell them. You can still use them for personal purposes, such as showing them to friends, keeping the digital files, or hanging a big print you got from your photographer in your living room. But this will in return limit a lot of things you can do with the picture. For example, you lost your wedding album in a fire. The only way to get them back is to contact your York wedding photographer and ask him to reprint them again. Even though you have the digital files, you may not reproduce them by yourself, without the consent of your wedding photographer.

I will get a wedding album with 70 pictures in them

This is a great deal. Although you have to expect that you’ll most likely ask for more pictures to be included in the album. Remember that you should get enough digital files. At least, your photographer should be able to give you 500~ to 1000~ depending on how many hours they are covering for you. It shouldn’t be hard to take 600~ pictures in a typical 8-hour coverage.

I will get my wedding album in 5 months

How long exactly does it take to produce a wedding album? It’s not that long, but you also need to count the editing process. Overall, most photographers make it possible to deliver the end products in less than 4 months.

Be careful to read the term and note your photographer to not deliver it longer than 6 months. There are photographers who neglect their job and couples ended up with no wedding album yet after a year!