wedding videography MelbourneThis particular style of wedding videography Melbourne is quite trending these days due to how natural it is. A lot of couples love it and after reading on, you’ll probably come to like it, too! We’ll be discussing what it is, what you’ll get and how it’s done.

Reportage videography

Reportage or journalistic style focuses heavily on the chronology of the day. It also frequently uses the fly-on-the-wall approach where all the guests are not interrupted at all. Videographers often slip in bits of an interview with close friends and family members throughout the video. The interview usually involves the question of what they think about this wedding.

There’s always a little bit of surprise from wedding videos in journalistic style. You never know what your friends or parents are going to say, that’s if you try not to peek or eavesdrop during the process! The length of the video can differ depending on the videographer and the party. However, it gets typically longer than a cinematic style video; about an hour or two.

The journalistic or documentary style also bears similarity with cinematic style wedding videos but leans more towards a natural look.

Needs a pro to do it!

Documentary style, while it requires the day to be fully recorded, has to be done with minimum equipment. But it doesn’t mean that your videographer should go with a lack of equipment. There has to be a high-quality mic accompanying with a versatile video camera with him.

The pro skill is really more to how the videographer can try to be less of a nuisance in the middle of the party. Some people can get really conscious of the cameraman that they’ll keep looking at the camera. Those clips can be used sometimes, but it won’t be enjoyable if people seem to notice the camera 60% of the time. You can take a wedding videography Melbourne from as a good example.

The video has to start with the beginning of the day and the ceremony, complete with the reception party and a good ending. But because it’s more towards a documentary, your videographer has to be sure that he gets all the important scenes of the day.

The editing process of the video isn’t easy, too. Your videographer will have to do a lot of syncing, editing and this whole process can take weeks or even months. This is why documentary style videography costs quite a bit. If you can hire a photographer that also provides this in a package, you can get it at a lower price.

Why you’ll love it

A documentary wedding videography Melbourne is lovely in how it shows the day step-by-step. Even 30 years from now when you don’t really remember how you looked like, you’ll still have your wedding video. It still shows the day in an order and in an enjoyable way. There’s also the fact that the guests won’t be as disturbed and your videographer will remain discreet, not interrupting even a single soul during the party. You’ll even get to listen to your close friends encouraging messages and lovely words from your parents!