wedding photographer GlasgowThere are basically two different styles of wedding photography that a wedding photographer Glasgow can have. Knowing the style of the photography that you are about to use is useful in helping you find the photographer that you want.

You may have seen some photographers using the term ‘documentary’, ‘fine art’, ‘natural’, etc. You don’t really know what some of them mean and what exactly to expect from these people. Read on and you’ll get to know more!

Documentary wedding photography

The documentary style has the photographer focuses on the story of the day. It’s a rather traditional style, but with recent photographers, have taken a rather modern change. Now, documentary style isn’t simply taking pictures to document the day of the marriage. They are also to capture pictures with aesthetics value and are edited properly.

Photographers who use documentary-style usually works behind the scene.

They often use the working method called fly-on-the-wall because interruption can ruin the natural flow of the day. The photographer will most likely remain invisible when he’s not taking formal pictures. The less you notice your photographer, the more relaxed you’ll be and the better the results of the pictures.

This is also where the word ‘natural’ is often used. A wedding photographer that strives to take on pictures without interrupting or disturbing the people involved will automatically take pictures that look natural. This doesn’t mean that a fine art wedding photographer cannot have a natural tone in their pictures. It’s simply how this one style can easily execute the pictures with this tone.

An example that we’d like to show is If you are looking for a wedding photographer Glasgow (or maybe two of them!), we suggest that you come to take a look. Aside from being a wedding photographer with a rather documentary and natural tone, they are also alternative wedding photographers.

Alternative wedding photography

It’s rather a classification of the kind of wedding that you are holding. People typically hold their special day at a wedding venue, hotel or some other places where weddings are usually done. But alternative wedding photographers are asked to work with couples who have a rather special aspiration. They can either have a documentary or fine art style.

Fine art

While wedding photographers with fine art style rather take aesthetics value highly. They consider visual quality to be more important. A wedding photographer in this style will always want to direct you to get the pictures you will love, but there are also fine art photographers who resort to taking a more quiet, invisible approach during ceremony and reception.

Fine art style usually has the photographer doing his best during a couple shots that are posed. This is because the photographer has planned where is the best place to have the pictures taken and when is the best time to do it. Because visual quality matters, they are also the people that will edit more (but not excessively!) to make the pictures look stunning.

When choosing your wedding photographer Glasgow, you can think about whether you will like a rather candid, natural approach to your pictures, or the more aesthetic and gorgeous approach.