Natural Wedding Photographer Ideas

You need to stay on your feet all of the time as a natural wedding photographer.

natural wedding photographerYou need to move around as much as you possibly can when you are out and about shooting weddings. This is particularly true if you are trying to go ahead and opt for natural looking photos when it all comes down to it. You should always go ahead and get things like this checked out all of the time every single time. You need to understand that coming up with natural looking photos will not turn out to be as easy or as light enough to follow through with. Although the photos end up looking carefree and effortless, it is anything but so and that is something that you need to take note of all of the time when it all comes down to it. You need to be serious about things like these. Wear a nice pair of shoes that are comfortable enough for you to be in for at least half of the day or so. Don’t be lazy with the kind of composition you need to come up with as a wedding photographer. The more effort you put into the endeavor, the more interesting things will turn out to be.

As a natural wedding photographer, you also need to get your hands on the sequence for the wedding program as early as possible.

When you get to know about the program of the wedding, it makes it extremely easy for you to go ahead and anticipate the events that you are going ahead with at the end of the day. Try to procure this from the bride that you are working with. Most of the brides out there actually have a fairly hands on approach when it comes to anything and everything that is related to their wedding and this is what you need to go ahead and check out. The bride will turn out to be your most reliable contact person as a wedding photographer. If the couple hired a wedding planner to go ahea dand oversee things for them, then you might want to go ahead and check that out as well as you go along.

Bridge any physical gaps during posed shots.

Physical gaps that can be seen in the photographs can make the photos come out looking disconnected and detached and those are never good things for you to go ahead and check out at the end of the day. You need to make sure that no matter what happens, you get to look into the aspect of incorporating the principle of touching to make the photos come out looking more natural and less contrived somewhere in the process. The simple holding of hands or bringing together of heads and simply asking people to “compress” during group photos can bring in all of the difference in the world so lay it out in the best possible way.

Catch people when they are distracted.

When you catch people offguard, you get to make sure that you capture the most natural and the most authentic looking moments the entire time that you are shooting. When it comes to natural wedding photography, KTB Photography by Kimberley Gray is an expert at this.

When Looking For A North Wales Based Wedding Photography Site 

North Wales based wedding photography siteIf you are planning to look for wedding photographers based in North Wales, then what you need to keep in mind is the fact that finding all of the right vendors, most especially the wedding photographer, is something that is of utmost importance all of the time. This will not be easy but then again, it’s really not all that hard to do. Everything is online nowadays and what this technically means is that you will be able to find anything and everything that you would like to find for as long as you know where to look. Always get this checked out as much as possible so that you will find everything that you would like to go ahead and find for as far as wedding photographers is concerned.

Start your search off in social media.

This is the kind of thing that you should be looking into as much as possible. Social media is actually a force to be reckoned with for as far as the latest marketing efforts are concerned. If there is anything or anyone that you would like to find one way or the other, then try to start it all in social media. If anyone is legit or if anyone is fairly established, you can be quite rest assured of the fact that they are bound to be in social media at some point or so. Review the profiles of the wedding photographers you find. You can even go filter your searches based on geographic location while you are at it. This way, you get to make sure that you always find a wedding photographer who is in or around North Wales, making your search feasible and making the info that you come up with fairly workable at the end of the day. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy. The best thing about social media is the fact that it has a fairly easy user interface. What this technically means is that you don’t have to be super techie in order for you to go ahead and figure things out. The parameters are fairly easy and you can even ask your friends or people in your networks for any recommendations.

Listen to the tone and direction of the wedding photographer’s profile theme.

You need someone who will more or less fit in well with what you have in mind for the wedding that you are planning out at some point or so. This technically means that you should always have someone whose specialty or whose photography style is something that works best with your wedding plans. You are looking for someone who is basically already an “institution” in wedding photography. Experience is something that you can really go ahead and see or notice in the portfolios of the wedding photographers that you are looking into and reviewing so always factor this in the right way the entire time that you are working things out. This way, you get to really handpick your wedding photographer of choice and you walk away from the deal getting exactly what you are looking for.

This North Wales based wedding photography site is worth checking out if you are looking for a wedding photographer in North Wales.

Great Wedding Venues In Bristol

bristol wedding photographerBristol will turn out to be a place that has so much to offer out to the average vacationer or visitor. It offers history as well as modern amenities at the same time and this is the kind of thing that you should really be able to play up and take advantage of in the best possible ways when it all comes down to it. You have to understand the fact that although this might turn out to be a little difficult at times, it will still be something that will be well worth the effort in the long run and something that can really help you figure things out the right way as you go along. If you are planning to get married in Bristol for the scenery and for the sense of nostalgia that it gives out to you, here are a few options that you should keep in mind. Wedding venues are easy to find but having the top picks in your list will make things so much easier to follow through with at the end of the day.

St. George’s Bristol

Getting married in a music hall might have been an idea that has passed by one way or the other but not something that you have taken seriously because it just didn’t seem like a viable option at the time but it sure is something that you can bring to life if you are thinking about holding it in St. George’s Bristol. It may seem like an out of the box idea, given that it is a music hall and not a hotel or a castle or chateau or anything like that but it will still turn out to give you all of the best wedding feels if you know how to play things up the right way when it all comes down to it. The best part about this particular wedding venue in Bristol is that it is smack right in the center of the city. Transportation is not an issue and you don’t have to work too hard on the logistics while you are at it.

The Square Club

If you would like to go for something a bit more stylish and upscale for a wedding venue, then The Square Club just might turn out to be the perfect venue for you when it all comes down to it. Unlike most of the other wedding venues in Bristol, this place is actually more contemporary. It has modern artworks splashed around all over the place. The furnishings are actually quite quirky and colorful. It is something that you can play around with the right way if you know how to get things done right. It is a unique and a somewhat different approach to wedding venues and something that will fit the bill right if you would like to go ahead and opt for something that is a bit more different and interesting at the end of the day.

Bristol Grammar School

Don’t be too quick to raising your eyebrows just yet. This is actually one of the most historic buildings in Bristol and is a bit of an architectural wonder in its own right. You will be able to enjoy great architecture, high vaulted ceilings that have been exquisitely mapped out and designed, and it can accommodate up to 380 guests so if you are planning out a pretty huge wedding, you should be able to do so without too much difficulty on your end.

When checking out wedding photographers for your wedding in any of the above-mentioned venues, don’t forget to visit He is one of the top Bristol wedding photographers.

Wedding Photography Tips In Showing Vendor Love

weddingsYou should always aim to show vendor love all of the time as you are trying to establish your brand in the wedding photography industry. There is always such a thing as good business karma wherein people will always try to reciprocate all of the good things that you are doing for them when it all comes down to it. Although wedding photography is challenging, it will always be workable and it will always be an attainable dream for you even if you are someone who is fairly new to the scene and to the game. Knowing how you will be able to take care of the vendors that you come across with will turn out to be extremely important for you and for the career that you are trying to establish. Here are a few tips that might be able to help you out a little bit while you are still trying to find your way in the business.

Feature your vendors in your wedding photography blog.

This can turn out to really have them appreciate the fact that you have gone through all of the trouble to set up the meeting, take their pictures, edit their pictures, and write up a blog content about them. This is something that can really have that sense of appeal and gratitude to the vendors that you are “rewarding” the blog feature with. This is the perfect filler for you and for the times wherein you don’t really have a lot of bookings going for you at the end of the day. The trick there is for you to everything at no charge. Give them permission to go ahead and use your images but make sure that the images that you get to share out to them are actually watermarked. This way, you are still getting the targeted exposure that you are aiming for from the audience of the vendors that you are writing up.

Show support for the vendors on social media.

Even for the rest of the wedding indus.ry vendors who will turn out to be your direct competition, it is really quite alright. Like their posts on social media. Make it a point to always make sure that you get to share their content one way or the other. These efforts will not go by unnoticed and they are bound to reciprocate eventually so you will be in a pretty good place.

Give your vendors free perks every now and then.

Give them a free photo shoot. Give them coverage in site launches and events. Give them stuff that they would normally pay for because this is something that will leave them indebted to you and they are bound to return the favor by either helping you get bookings or including you in the service packages that they are giving out to their own clients at the end of the day. Consider these as your own sense of investment in the future of your wedding photography career because you will earn it all back by means of the bookings that you will get in the long run. Find inspirations from Ross Barber’s website if you are in doubt on where to start as a wedding photographer.

Suffolk Wedding Photographer Working Tips

Shed right kind of light.

this suffolk wedding photographerthis suffolk wedding photographerAs a Suffolk wedding photographer, you need to shed the right kind of light on your social media presence. Social media really is quite a force to reckon with at any time of the day. As a professional and as somebody who is actively running a business, you need to make sure that this is something that you get yourself well versed with as much as possible. You need to start working hard on being able to establish your social media presence as a professional wedding photographer. When it all comes down to it, it is something that really has the potential to bring in new business for you as a wedding photographer at the end of the day. If you have not started working on your social media presence just yet, then it is about time that you go ahead and do so. You are seriously missing out on all of the action. You are also missing out on all of the benefits that a lot of the other businesses out there have already been enjoying for the longest time running.

Produce right turnaround time.

A Suffolk wedding photographer should always aim to produce the right kind of turnaround time for the delivery of your final finished photos. The turnaround time is something that is extremely important to your success as a wedding photographer. The moment that the wedding is over, you have to understand that what you have in your hands is practically a ticking time bomb already. Your clients will be eager to go ahead and check out how the pictures turned out in the end of it all. This is something that you should aim to deliver on every single time. If you have promised a certain turnaround time, try to see if you will be able to break your record and deliver early instead. Nothing could impress a client so much more than you being able to deliver great looking photos far earlier than what was initially expected. Like this Suffolk wedding photographer, you need a strong editing method established for you and you need your skills for editing down pat as much as possible.

Learn how to identify the best times for you to take a break every now and then.

You don’t have to be crouched down and positioned from behind your camera lens all of the time. You are a professional wedding photographer, not a robot. You don’t have to go ahead and shoot all of the moments and events during the wedding. As much as possible, you need to pick your moments as you go along. Stick to the creative must have shot list that you have previously created with your clients. More than that, the longer that you are able to work as a wedding photographer, the better you will be at checking out which moments matter the most compared to the others. You need to pace yourself and pick out the best times for you to rest and catch your breath as well.

Actively aim to get recommendations from the rest of your clients.

Don’t be embarrassed to ask your clients if they have any other potential clients that they might want to bring your way. Nothing is more effective and more powerful than the good old word of mouth marketing.

Things to Consider During a Family Photo Shoot

a family photo shootWhen you are in the process of brainstorming some ideas for an upcoming family photo shoot, it is extremely important that you go ahead and request your clients for a sit down session to talk to them about the details and about the specifics. Although they obviously trust you to be creative with the shoot since they have already hired you as their official photographer, you still need to keep in mind that when it all comes down to it, they still get to have the last say on things, whether it is something that you are comfortable with or not. At this point, it doesn’t matter what you are comfortable with or not, what is important is that you go ahead and bend over backwards to give your clients exactly what they are asking for.

You are simply the artist who is being used as a medium so that they can give live to their visions or to what they have in mind for the family photo shoot. You can always go ahead and make suggestions and the like but always loop them in and make them feel as if it is always their call at the end of the day. Clients like to feel respected and valued, even by the photographer that they hired.

Get to know your clients a little bit.

Ask them a few basic questions that will more or less let you know a little bit about who they are and about the things that they like and the things that they don’t at the end of the day. Go for something that is unique and something that stands out from the rest of the other things that you have done before. Don’t settle for something that you have been doing over and over again. Every family is different and what that means is that you need to make sure that you attempt to treat everything differently and with a renewed or refreshed perspective at the end of the day. Try to talk to them about their hobbies or what they do during their free time. That should say a lot about them and about what their particular personalities are. Try to see if you can spend a day with them at home, just to see what kind of vibe you will be getting from them. Ask them if it’s alright for them to go through with it of course. If not, you can always try to settle with your context clues gathering skills and try to figure them out from afar. Check their social media pages just to get a glimpse of what their lives are all about so that you will be able to showcase them well in a family photo shoot.

Take note of the fact that a family photo shoot should run under a certain timeline.

Go for natural light as much as possible. The early mornings and late afternoons are almost always the best time of the day for you to hold the family photo shoot. Not only is it the most conducive time of the day for natural light, it is most likely the perfect time wherein the family are all together. The parents aren’t off to work and the children are still home from school.

Primary Things Every Sussex Based Wedding Photographer Should Do

Pay attention to the shoes that you end up wearing as a Sussex based wedding photographer.

wedding photographer SussexThe moment that you make the wrong shoe choices, you know that you will be doomed for the rest of the wedding photo shoot because you will soon realize that it’s really quite crucial and quite pivotal to the success fo your endeavor as a professional wedding photographer. If you are a female wedding photographer, it can be quite understandable if you would like to go ahead and check out the possibilities of wearing high heels to the event. Stop yourself right then and there. Just don’t do it. Just stop yourself short and turn the other way right away. High heels will never you do any favors at this point in time. You will end up walking and running and probably even crawling every once in a while and this is the kind of thing that you are going to need to check out one way or the other. Make sure that you get to go for something that looks good and feels good as well all at the same time.

Manage the snap shooters accordingly.

Like this wedding photographer in Sussex you must never lose his cool. There will always be people who will try to take their own photos during the wedding. This is something that you will need to manage and deal with the right way. You cannot allow yourself to lose your cool or patience during the wedding photo shoot. It will reflect badly upon you as a professional wedding photographer. However, at the same time, you also need to make sure that you get to handle them the right way. Talk to them. Let diplomacy work for you. Tell them that it is something that is interfering with the shots that you are trying to bring in and that it makes it hard for you to follow through on what the couple paid you to do in the first place. Offer a compromise of some sort. Assure them that you will be more than happy to give them a few seconds in between shoots so that they can take their own photos before you proceed to the next scene.

The client discussion is just as important as it sounds.

Don’t keep trying to brush it off until the last minute. This is something that you need to really approach with extreme care and caution. You cannot just off handedly mention stuff without the necessary data to back things up for you. You can’t afford to be careless with something like this. Draft up your agenda before the actual meeting and make sure that at the end of the day, you get to cover most, if not all of the points that you get to look into talking to them about. This way, you don’t end up forgetting anything. You get to span everything that you would like to cover.

Get a shot list to get you covered.

Missing any important events and shots during the wedding is a no-no. Set up your itinerary of shots ahead of time and get things done properly.

North Wales Wedding Photographer Basic Gear Tips

Every North Wales wedding photographer needs his basic photography equipment or gear set up the right way in order for him to have a chance at getting things done at the end of the day. Without the basic photography gear, you will basically just turn out to be another amateur or another dreamer with plans of being a wedding photographer someday. That dream will only start to become a reality once you actually have a camera on hand. This is the main reason why you really need to start saving up on a little bit of money here and there. A little bit goes a long way. You are going to need to make sacrifices one way or another in order for you to eventually come up with enough money for you to be able to kick start a career in the wedding photography field.

Primary and secondary camera

primary cameraA wedding photographer North Wales needs to start off with a primary and secondary camera, of course. Any legitimate professional wedding photographer will never ever get caught with just one camera when he is shooting a wedding event. Shooting with just one camera in tow will turn out to be irresponsible and should be something that you should keep actively working against as much as possible as a wedding photographer. You have to understand that when it comes to this particular trend, no one will ever really be safe from equipment failure or anything like that. It will always turn out to be so much better to have your contingencies set up somewhere along the way just in case something happens your main camera.


lensesA collection of lenses is also something that a wedding photographer in North Wales should focus his attention on as much as possible. You are technically going to need to start off with two basic lenses in order for you to get to have most of the shots that you need to take during a wedding photo shoot. You need a telephoto lens for your portrait shots as well as for all of the rest of the other closeup shots that you need to take during the wedding. Another lens that you are going to need is a wide angle lens for all of the group shots and wide angle perspectives that you need to take during the wedding as well. These two lenses tend to cost a lot of money so if you don’t have enough to buy both at the same time, you might want to opt for a temporary mid range solution in the form of a medium zoom lens in the meantime.

Memory card and batteries

Memory cards and batteries are two main supplies every North Wales photographer should never run out of. You cannot be caught smack right into a main wedding event and run out of either camera batteries or of memory space. These are basics that you just need to have enough of all of the time every single time while you are working as someone’s main wedding photographer. Memory cards are fairly lightweight and it won’t really be too much trouble to bring a lot of them during a wedding shoot. The same can be said about extra camera batteries. You can actually get extra camera batteries for about $20 apiece. That’s pretty good value for your money right there. It is something that will eventually get to pay for itself as you progress further on in your career.


tripodAnother absolute must have for every wedding photographer North Wales out there is a tripod to keep the camera steady at all times. People usually brush off the importance of a tripod to the side but this is not the kind of mistake that you can afford to make at the end of the day. You need to make sure that you have one along with you no matter what happens. A trusty old tripod is something that can save the day for you in case you get stuck in a particularly bad lighting situation. Tripods can be paired up with long lenses and they work well in keeping your camera in place all the time during instances wherein there are unnecessary camera shakes going on brought on by the focal length of the lenses that you mount on your camera. It sure does beat having to hold the camera by hand all the time.

Camera bag

Although this can fall under the category of accessories, the fact remains that every wedding photographer in North Wales needs a camera bag one way or the other. A well chosen and well thought out camera bag can turn out to make your life so much easier to deal with when you need to move from one place to another as a wedding photographer. Go for something that can withstand the elements as well as something that can stand a lot of wear and tear. For more tips on how to become a great wedding photographer in North Wale, check out

Why a Wedding Photographer Should Network

Get the right amount of attention

wedding photographyThe initial first reaction or notion that a new wedding photographer will usually have is that your job starts and ends with the aspect of taking great looking photos all throughout the process. Over time, you will realize that there is so much more work and time required in the career of a wedding photographer than you would probably think. One thing that you will need to work on tirelessly all throughout the days and nights is the networking part of your career. If you would like to make sure that your career ends up getting the right amount of attention and connections it needs in order for it to grow, then networking should be something for you to prioritize. Networking is the best way for you to market your services as a wedding photographer as well as the kind of brand that you would like people to take a look at at the end of the day.

You have to understand that the only secret in networking is that you should never stop.

You should aim to always keep moving forward, no matter how slow your pace may be at the moment. The moment that you stop and give up with your efforts, you already start losing the race. And when it comes to this kind of race, the only person that you should come head to heard with is yourself. Always keep that in mind whenever you have something that you need to do or take care of at the end of the day.

 Market brand and career

The main reason why you should seriously look at networking as a way for you to market your brand and your career as a wedding photographer in kent is because of the fact that it is something that you can do for free. You can keep on building your circle of networks and contacts with the rest of the other wedding industry businesses and professionals out there at no added cost. You just need to put in the time and the effort for it and you are good to go. Take note of the fact that it usually takes a village in order to handle all of the prep work needed to bring a wedding together.

Get to know the people from behind the scenes.

Go around during the wedding and give out copies of your business cards. At the same time, try to see if you can do the same. Ask them for their contact info or for a business card, if they happen to have one. Once you get home, catalog all of the info that you have received and make sure that they get featured all the same in the vendors list section of the blog that you are writing up about the wedding. This will make them appreciate the fact that you have gone through the extent of really including them in your blog entries. Your blog will get a lot of traction and a lot of audiences because they will be sharing it in their own pages as well as possibly in their own blogs as well. This is something that you should go ahead and take advantage of when it all comes down to it.

How to Be an Effective Wedding Photographer

Attract minimal attention

wedding photographyOne crucial aspect of being an effective wedding photographer is in making sure that people don’t notice you all that much during the wedding. Your main goal should be to attract minimal attention, if any at all, all throughout the time and all throughout the process of shooting the wedding event. People should always have their attention trained on the bride and groom and not on you. There are a lot of things that you can do so that you can just go ahead and skate by unnoticed while you are shooting the wedding. This should be a conscious decision that you make because it will not always be all that easy when you come to think about it. There will always be several instances wherein you will realize that you will be having a hard time at it.

Keep in mind that things tend to become challenging when you first have a go at them. They will get better and better over time and you will eventually get the hang of things as you go along. It is all a matter of having the right amount of patience for it at the end of the day.

 Pay attention to other details

Whenever you start getting the vibe that people are feeling a little bored or tired of the fact that you have a camera aimed at them all of the time, perhaps it would be great to introduce some kind of an interval. Try to aim your attention towards other inanimate details during the wedding. The wedding venue is usually stock full of those. Notice the little things that the organized took the time and effort to really plan and set up during the wedding. There are usually flower arrangements or name cards or balloon sculptures, and so on and so forth.

There are so many other details that are deemed picture worthy during the wedding event.

It really all boils down to your ability to notice them and to capitalize on them as an accomplished wedding photographer. When people see you start taking pictures of inanimate stuff, they will relax a little bit, knowing that they are not under the scrutiny of the camera lens all throughout the time that you are there as a wedding photographer. This can be quite refreshing and they will actually start to welcome the idea of being photographed a little bit more. It is the perfect diversion that you can play around with as a professional wedding photographer and it is something that you should have up your sleeve every once in a while.

Act nonchalant

You also need to make sure that are able to perfect the art of being able to act nonchalant as a  wedding photographer. When you see that people are starting to notice you, set your camera down a bit and pretend as if you are done with the shot. Always strike when they are not looking or when they are a little bit distracted. This is the perfect trick for a an essex based wedding photographer who is always looking out in getting the best candid shots out there during the wedding.