Should Wedding Photography Be Priced Like This?

wedding photography ScotlandThe concern over whether wedding photography Scotland is overpriced is not unfounded. We can barely understand why things cost so much when we can’t see where all our investment goes. But, don’t worry, for all the couples that are seriously considering this, because we understand that your special day should not go wrong.

If high-quality things are worth that much, then it’s understandable that one should not doubt the price but rather prioritize the true value of it. We want to show you, then, the true value of wedding photography.

Becoming your friends

Don’t be surprised when I say that one of a professional photographer’s aim in making sure they deliver a good job is to become your good friends. The job requires cooperative couples, not just a good pair of photographer’s eyes.

This will determine a lot on how the pictures are going to look like. Will you look stiff and awkward, or will you look awesome and happy? That’s the kind of difference we’re talking about. Furthermore, you also want to be mentally stress-free during your special day, because that is one of the biggest problems most couples face. And there you are screaming about how exciting and happy you are to be married.

Investing in your wedding

Your photographer does not simply come to your wedding, shoot for eight hours, and then leave. Those who do professional wedding photography Scotland like does more than just that. In order to make sure that they can focus on their work, they are willing to sacrifice time to consult with you and visit your wedding venue on their own.

When the distance allows them to, they will want to test shoot several spots there because they want to ensure that they are making use of all the time during your special day. There’s not enough time to experiment; it’s going to be a typhoon of guests, processions, and wine.

They will even reject wedding offers that happen too close to yours. Depending who booked him first though. Just saying, so you don’t miss that amazing photographer you’ve been eyeing.

High-quality editing

There are photographers that only do minor editing to only several selected pictures. Professionals with prices that you are close to calling rip-offs may do more than just minor editing. They readjust the pictures to enhance the colors, makes your skin glows and sprinkles some magic into the picture.

There you go, Instagram-worthy wedding pictures that will make everyone jealous!

The time spent with you

If you need to consult with them on something about your wedding, just give them a call! They’ll be sure to help you with as many things as they can within their power. Know that there are countless couples out there who were saved by their wedding photographers regarding the issues at their wedding reception. It was either the backdrop of their stage showing ridiculous DJ racks, or the photo booth no showing up.

They will also attend your wedding rehearsal if you wish because they want to help you position yourself the best way so you’ll look good in pictures and videos. They will also provide the rehearsal pictures for you in your wedding photography Scotland package because these will look way relaxed than your wedding day when everybody is just tense and nervous.

Why Professional Wedding Photographer Lancashire is Irreplaceable

wedding photographer LancashireWedding preparation is comprised of a lot of things. There are the vendors to look for, the wedding cake to choose from, the decoration to think of and the wedding dress to try on. One of the most important thing that often gets overlooked is the wedding photographer Lancashire.

At first, it might not seem like one of the most important things one has to consider, but what they do is definitely something that will become very important in the years to come. If all your preparations are made for the success of that one special day, your wedding photographer is the one that makes sure it will be remembered for a really long time.

Making memories

Special days like anniversaries and engagement day always worth at least a few snaps of pictures. That includes the wedding day. It’s the beginning of a whole new phase of life. You definitely made a lot of preparations and sacrificed sleep to make sure that everything is going smoothly.

With so many sacrifices on your side, have you ever thought how fast that day is going to pass? So many things happened at one time and you could only see and remember so much as you’re also focused on your own wedding. Well, pictures can easily help you take a lot at the other side of the party.

It’s also a powerful tool to keep your memories of that day intact. All becomes possible if you have a capable wedding photographer Lancashire like to do the job.

Professionals are serious

Sometimes, we want to opt for a cheaper option, like hiring affordable photographers or have a cousin or your sister to take the pictures. We don’t want to sound offensive, but we’d like to lay out the fact.

Firstly, if those people have never been professionally trained or receive formal education on the job, they’re inexperienced people. You’re giving a big responsibility and important task to someone who can’t understand and even do a good job for it. Even if they have the passion and love, it’s not enough to capture gorgeous pictures.

That’s the clear difference between them and professionals. If you got yourself an experienced guy, you can be at ease in knowing that he can handle even possible weather problems or technicalities to make sure you will still get those fabulous wedding pictures you wanted.

You can get your wedding album

It’s not that you cannot print your own album, but with a pro, you can consult and even have him customize the look of the album to your preferences. That’s definitely not the case with a lot of amateurs. It’s a whole different subject to explore aside from photography.

That aside, your photographer can also inform you about the different qualities you can find in the wedding album. This will help you compare the price to value easier.

They do post-production

We cannot guess how far your cousin or relative is willing to do for you, but even if they want, editing is not an easy task. It’s very time-consuming and you definitely want the result to become better. That is not the case if you never learned about it or it will take ages.

If you have a professional wedding photographer Lancashire, you can see that he’ll promise you the album after editing in within 4 months. That’s a quick, professional speed.

Commonly Asked Questions: Wedding Photography

York wedding photographerInstead of simply answering questions, we are here to help you decide whether your wedding photographer is fulfilling minimum requirements you should be receiving. We understand the concern that lots of photographers offer different things and that you also have different needs. That is why we’d like to cater our answer to possible different packages that a York wedding photographer can offer.

I have one photographer responsible for my wedding pictures

So, people are frequently torn between having one photographer like JoanneB Photography as their York wedding photographer or if they have to get a second shooter. This depends on the size of your party. The question is how big is too big for a single photographer?

Anywhere more than 50 people is a big party. In this kind of condition, there’s no way that a single photographer can keep track of all the guests and still remain focused on taking pictures of you and your partner, the main characters.

Taking pictures in a wide hall will also prove to be troublesome since that means your photographer has to walk around for a really long time to get everything covered. Even when he’s done that, there’s no saying that every single thing is covered. One person can only have a pair of eyes; he’s bound to miss something.

I will get the copyright of the pictures

This is a little bit tricky because each professional photographer has their own ways of dealing with it. According to the Copyright Act, the first owner of the pictures taken are the photographers, and unless they are stated otherwise, the copyrights still belong to them.

So, what does this mean? You cannot reproduce, post them to the public or sell them. You can still use them for personal purposes, such as showing them to friends, keeping the digital files, or hanging a big print you got from your photographer in your living room. But this will in return limit a lot of things you can do with the picture. For example, you lost your wedding album in a fire. The only way to get them back is to contact your York wedding photographer and ask him to reprint them again. Even though you have the digital files, you may not reproduce them by yourself, without the consent of your wedding photographer.

I will get a wedding album with 70 pictures in them

This is a great deal. Although you have to expect that you’ll most likely ask for more pictures to be included in the album. Remember that you should get enough digital files. At least, your photographer should be able to give you 500~ to 1000~ depending on how many hours they are covering for you. It shouldn’t be hard to take 600~ pictures in a typical 8-hour coverage.

I will get my wedding album in 5 months

How long exactly does it take to produce a wedding album? It’s not that long, but you also need to count the editing process. Overall, most photographers make it possible to deliver the end products in less than 4 months.

Be careful to read the term and note your photographer to not deliver it longer than 6 months. There are photographers who neglect their job and couples ended up with no wedding album yet after a year!

Wedding Photography: Isle of Skye and Couples

wedding photographer SkyeAre you working as a new wedding photographer Skye? We can all agree on how beautiful this one island can be. The ocean, the cliffs, the rocks, everything just looks so gorgeous. The backdrop can never be wrong.

But, yet, you cannot rely on only the backdrop to capture beautiful pictures; as a wedding photographer, you need to be better. And just for reference, you can check out, a wedding photographer Skye with over 20 years of experience who finally moved to settle for good in the Isle of Skye.

Understand the beauty

It’s not hard to take amazing pictures here. Heck, most people that come here will take out their smartphones and compete with each other to take pictures and post them online. But, for professional photographers, they need more than a just nice backdrop. They need to also capture the beautiful moment of the couples as well.

It takes more than a trip to get to know this area. You need to spend some more time on this island and try to learn to see things from different perspectives. There’s no doubt that there are hundreds of other people who have taken the same pictures in the same spot, so it takes more creativity to take a different picture from amateurs.

Landscape photography

If there’s anything that can help, try to learn landscape photography as well. If you aim to take great pictures of the amazing geographic shape, landscape photography can be your clue. One of the reasons that your client chose this place must be the beautiful landscape.

Instead of focusing on your clients, you can try to do a wide take on the landscape and shoot the clients from a further distance. Try to find a spot that overlooks the valley or from a higher standpoint. You’ll get an amazing look at the sky and clouds as well as a look over the horizon.

Prepare and Google

Well, Google is a very useful tool no matter what your job is. In this case, you can try looking for unique pictures and posts of other photographers. You will doubt bump into several pictures that you’ll like. So, no, you’re not supposedly copying their style and pose, but it’s for the purpose of gaining inspiration.

“If he can shoot this view in such a way, then maybe I can try to incorporate this into my style.”, this is the kind of thinking you should have.

Don’t forget to bring everything you need.

Like, seriously, don’t forget, because you won’t be making another trip with your clients. Always make sure that all gears, memory cards, batteries, and chargers are there. Don’t forget the props that you might use. Also, tell your clients to bring a jacket in case of cold weather. We cannot have them risk their health when they are so close to their wedding day, can we?

As for shoots that you will be taking from a distance, you will need to plan this in particular. You’ve got one shot and you need to move on to the next location.


And you want to keep the session early because night time means darkness and speedlight because there aren’t any street lamps around castle ruins or cliffs. You will not like the results because the background will turn dark and flash just makes the background even worse. So, try to stick to a schedule and get everything done before night time.

How About a Hint of Dream and Fantasy for Your Wedding?

Lancashire wedding photographerWedding has always been about being white and elegant. Sometimes, people mix in their favorite colors into the dress code and decorations, but the rest can be guessed. So, why not come up with something different?

Movie, novels, legends or myths can become the base idea of your wedding themes! With a little research, you can get a hold of amazingly creative ideas on how to handmade your own props and décor for your dream wedding!

Here we’ve got amazing tips on how to make your wedding day totally special without turning it into a cosplay party!

Start with invitation cards

Design the unconventional invitation cards that truly depicts the story. It can be based on a particular invitation card that was featured in the movie or described in the novel. Or you can design your own while sticking close to the theme color and cover design of the book of the movie.

For Harry Potter lovers, for example, Marauder Map is something that all fans would love to receive. Have it point to the venue (Hogwarts) in a fantasy designed map.Or maybe Percy Jackson heavy fans may throw a hint of Poseidon’s trident design in a blue envelope with the short iconic message: Brace Yourself. Camp Half-Blood as your venue name is a dream place for every demigod lovers.


Great stories usually contain events and celebrations that are iconic. What are those? Can you incorporate it into your performances and ceremony? For example, you can have your master of ceremony use some favorite quotes or lines from the story to officially begin the ceremony.

The place can also be decorated elegantly while putting in several signs of the movie, such as owls and the Goblet of Fire in Harry Potter, or stele from the Mortal Instrument series.


What are the most well-known clothes, colors, or pattern of outfits in the movie? In Harry Potter, we all know that yellow-striped Gryffindor scarf can be recognized by the fandom. While you can remain to wear your white, beautiful wedding dress, you can wear your favorite blouse, scarf, ring or headdress for your occasion!

Your wedding photographer

And finally, to immortalize this magical moment! Your photographer has to be someone that appreciates the same thing as you. At least, you both are on the same page when it’s about a dreamy and magical wedding party!

Jade Doherty Photography is a Lancashire wedding photographer who loves to capture natural and dreamy wedding photographs. The essence of documentary and timelessness is not forgone and you will still love the pictures of your very day after years.

It does not stop there. Your photographer will also remember to add effects on some of your pictures to add even more magic to your storybook; an image that will show you and your loved one going on a great adventure!

Her photography theme is always relaxed and down-to-earth. She truly sticks to the theme you have and they are all well captured in her camera. This is especially good when you have decorated and put in so much effort into your wedding and hoping that someone is good enough to capture all of these and present you in your wedding album.

Wedding Hacks Every Bride Should Know

Venues should be taken in with no rush.

wedding photographer DundeeWhen you rush through the venues that you would like to consider for the wedding ceremony and reception, you are bound to make a few mistakes here and there. Making mistakes about the venue will turn out to be a really costly one and this is why you need to make sure that you are extra careful about it at the end of the day. Plan things out months and months ahead of time. Make sure that you conduct ocular visits as much as possible and make it a point to really bring in other people so that your biases and opinions don’t get in the way. If you have already hired out wedding photographer Dundee professionals, bring them along as well. You get to have practice shots of the place and you get to see how they assess the location from their eyes. Visit the venue at more or less the same time of the day that you are planning to hold the wedding in. this way, your photographers will have the chance to assess the lighting along with the rest of all of the other external factors that could possibly affect how things turn out in the wedding photos that they shoot. You should also pay attention to amenities such as rest rooms, lounge areas, gardens, and so on and so forth. Your venue will eat up a considerable portion of your budget so you have to regard it carefully and with much attention to the details involved as much as possible.

Saturdays are a major no-go if you want to save.

Don’t go for a Saturday wedding. even if there will be times wherein you are going to think that it will be worth it, when you see how it affects your wedding plans financially, you are bound to change your mind. Most of the wedding venues out there charge a premium for Saturday events mainly because of the fact that they have clients or guests back to back. What this technically means is that you are going to pay a much higher mark up rate than you are probably prepared to shell out for and this is something that you ought to keep in consideration as much as you possibly can. the guests who matter and who value you and your partner will go out of their way to clear their schedules so don’t worry about it and go with a weekday schedule because you will be able to save a lot of money that way. Other services such as your wedding photographer Dundee coverage will give you a breather on the rates as well if it doesn’t happen to be on a Saturday so keep that in mind.

Listen to the weather.

Even if the time of the year isn’t a particularly rainy one, there is still the off chance that it is going to rain during the day of your wedding and if you are planning to hold it outdoors, then you need to make sure that the venue is prepared to take on that particular challenge. The same thing goes for your wedding photographer Dundee service as well as for the rest of the other vendors that you are hiring out for the big day.

Accounting for the costs should be on point.

Be very detailed about this and don’t let anything fall through the cracks. If you want a reasonably priced wedding photographer Dundee service, go for someone like Angus Forbes Photography.

Getting Ahead for Photographers: WordPress Plugins

professional photography websitesAfter understanding the basics of SEO and getting your way around creating and publishing your first posts, and maybe even getting a few clients already, you’ll want to look for more things to improve, as there is always room for improvement, including your website.

WordPress provides many features and sometimes, you’ll find yourself fascinated with what they can do. But in other times, you wished there is a feature that you need. And that’s where plugins play a role. Plugins are, in time when you gain a great understanding, the essence of professional photography websites.

Hold it right there, I’m not even sure what plugins are. What are they, how do they work?

ABC of Plugins

Have you ever taken part in coding classes? Maybe simple html tricks? You probably remember how your teacher gives you insight into the very basic of internet web pages and how they make those moving words and shiny buttons on the screen. They are all a bunch of codings realized in the form of many different features.

Same thingscan be done in WordPress. For example, you want to prevent spammers in your site from posting malicious contents. There’s a coding to do that, but being a photographer, coding is not part of your nature. So, you use plugins.

Professional photography websites and other type of websites that are based on WordPress make use of various plugins provided by the WordPress, or themselves, to add more features that were not there, because plugins are like packages with the necessary tool and equipment assembled and all you need to know is how to operate it. Plugins make it easy for people who have no idea about coding to use them.


As with installing anything to anywhere, you need to see if the plugins are compatible with your site. For WordPress, each plugins that are provided from WordPress shows how far the plugins are compatible with the version of the site.

Plugins = slower?

No, no, no. Just because a computer is attached to a keyboard and a mouse does not make it slower. Can you imagine operating your computer without them? Yet, your computer can still work and load without them. Imagine WordPress and the plugins like that. Plugins are not burdens; they are complementary to your site. Professional photography websites always have them.

Bad plugins are bad for your site. These are not optimized and poorly coded plugins that will drive your page slower and should be avoided from being installed. If you are downloading from WordPress, there is always the rating and comment section you can check out and FAQ to read before using if provided by the developer.

Doing it without the plugin

Sometimes, it is possible to copy the coding from somewhere else into your site instead. Some plugins are simple and consist of a few lines. Copying those few lines and maybe some others lines will give you multiple plugins and you do not have to install them. Of course, having a little knowledge in it is always helpful, but learning it is not hard if you are only to copy the lines and understand the functions.

Throwing The Best Wedding Ever

Keep the ceremony short.

Bristol wedding photographersCeremonies can be a bore, for the most part. Even as the bride who will be getting married in such a ceremony, you are surely aware of how dragging wedding ceremonies can get so far and this is why it would be wise for you to make sure that you get to keep it short and sweet while you are at it. Only include sequences that are either absolutely essential to the ceremony in the first place or those that mean anything to you and to your partner in the first place. You want people to keep on looking forward for what is coming up ahead during the wedding day. you want your professional Bristol wedding photographer to always take stock of interesting scenes and moments all the time and this can be a little hard to have to pull through with when it all comes down to it if your wedding ceremony turns out to be lengthier than usual at the end of the day. Get something done about this and your wedding will turn out to be so much better than ever. Drill it down to the basic necessities as much as possible and only add on items that you think will matter the most to you and to your partner after all has been said and done. You might want to keep your Bristol wedding photographer and other vendors as well as wedding guests to be constantly on their feet. This will help keep things exciting and well worth looking forward to at the end of the day.

Personalize your program.

You might want to inject as much personality and uniqueness to it as much as you possibly can. the program needs to be duly established and etched out early on as much as possible in order for things to work out for you and for the main wedding day and celebrations that you have been planning out when it all comes down to it. The program needs to be spot on and needs to really capture your personality as well as the personality of the partner that you are getting married to as well. You can personalize the program all across the board and while you are at it, make sure that you go ahead and do so based on what you hold dearest so far. It is important that your guests for the wedding get a glimpse into what type of story that you plan to tell so far when it all comes down to it. Give your Bristol wedding photographer a copy of the program as well.

Use hashtags to keep up with the trends.

Create a hashtag that has both of your names on it or come up with something equally creative and quirky to more or less help keep things interesting so far. Crowd sourcing your photos for the wedding ceremony and for the reception will turn out to be so much easier this way because the hashtags make the photos searchable so far so try to see what you can do about this.

Greet all of your guests.

A bride needs to be magnanimous and needs to be gracious to all of the guests for the wedding. Although it demands effort and patience, it is something that you would have to soldier on with nonetheless so try to do your best in really going around to greet your wedding guests so far.

How To Properly Organize Your Wedding Plans

Stay personalized with checklists.

wedding photographer NorfolkDownloading any type of check list for the wedding planning process off of the internet isn’t enough. You have to actually go through the motions of planning them based on what you particularly need at the end of the day and this is something that you ought to keep in mind all of the time to the best of your abilities so far. You need to understand that everything about the wedding needs to be personalized as much as possible and this is something that you need and ought to be very detailed about when it all comes down to it. Checklists can ensure that you have everything sorted out so far. You need to be as organized with the stuff that you need to get done or you might never get them done in the first place and this is what you ought to keep in mind all of the time. Write them down and customize them accordingly based on what you need to do about it so far at the end of the day.

Set a weekly time plan.

Plotting your checklists for months and months on end can turn out to be a little too much and a little too overwhelming at times and you need to make sure that you get to do something about this somewhere in the process. Planning out your checklist based on a weekly time plan will ensure that you have something that you can easily follow through with without too much hassle. A weekly time plan will also ensure that you have something that you can get checked out the right way when it all comes down to it. When do you need to book a venue? When do you need to meet up with a wedding photographer Norfolk? It is important to have everything timed accordingly.

Divide the tasks.

If you have ever heard about the thought of dividing and conquering, then you need to know right off the bat that this is something that you can actually do or pull off the right way based on the team or the number of people that you are getting together for the main wedding day. You need to understand the fact that this is what you ought to take into account as much as you possibly can. This isn’t the type of thing that you go through with alone. You don’t have to be in control all of the time. You can actually allow other people to take over some tasks that you assign to them. You just need to make sure right off the bat that they can go ahead and handle those said tasks in the first place. Leave the food to the caterers and the photography to the wedding photographer Norfolk.

Be flexible but reasonable.

Plans can change and so can schedules and options available to you. You just need to understand the fact that you ought to be a little more flexible with what you are trying to do about it so far. Being reasonable will also ensure that you don’t end up with things that are a little too over the top or a little too unexpected at the end of the day.

How To Nail Your Headshots

Practice the face.

headshot photographer Los AngelesPracticing your facial expressions might seem like an odd thing to have to do but getting this trick down pat can really give you every bit of advantage whenever you are working with a professional headshot photographer Los Angeles when it all comes down to it. Do it in front of your mirror. You can do it in private and no one has to know so you don’t have to feel embarrassed about it or anything like that. When you practice your facial expressions, you tend to know what to do whenever a headshot photographer Los Angeles aims his camera at you and this directly results to better looking headshots overall. Invest a few measly minutes every day to figure out what your best angles are and try to incorporate them in your photo session.

Go intense with the eyes.

Eye makeup can help you out a lot with this. If you aren’t really the makeup type of girl, perhaps you can enlist the help of someone who is. The eyes can really make your headshots pop. Even if you feel a little silly going all out on the eyes, it is still worth a shot and your professional headshot photographer Los Angeles will tell you just as much so make it a point to do what you can about this and try to see what comes out of it. Perhaps this is also the perfect time for you to start experimenting with the use of false eyelashes one way or the other. it might not sound like it will make that much of a difference but try putting them on and taking a selfie and you will see that your eyes will come out looking so much more impactful and dramatic and this is an advantage that every girl needs for as far as getting headshots are concerned so give it a go. You don’t have to be an expert on it right off the bat but it will always turn out to be well worth a try at the end of the day. it will cost you next to nothing but the difference it will make in your headshots will always be worth regarding so far when it all comes down to it.

Hand placement tends to matter.

This will probably come off as a little odd but yes, hand placement tends to matter a lot at the end of the day which is why you should go out of your way to get this figured out early on. How you place your hands will greatly affect how relaxed you are. You have the option to include them in your headshots but this is highly discouraged as it tends to make the headshots come out looking a little informal at the end of the day.

Keep a straight posture.

Your head needs a stable and straight base to sit on top of so keeping a straight posture will actually work wonders for the kind of headshots your headshot photographer Los Angeles ends up taking when it all comes down to it.