Every North Wales wedding photographer needs his basic photography equipment or gear set up the right way in order for him to have a chance at getting things done at the end of the day. Without the basic photography gear, you will basically just turn out to be another amateur or another dreamer with plans of being a wedding photographer someday. That dream will only start to become a reality once you actually have a camera on hand. This is the main reason why you really need to start saving up on a little bit of money here and there. A little bit goes a long way. You are going to need to make sacrifices one way or another in order for you to eventually come up with enough money for you to be able to kick start a career in the wedding photography field.

Primary and secondary camera

primary cameraA wedding photographer North Wales needs to start off with a primary and secondary camera, of course. Any legitimate professional wedding photographer will never ever get caught with just one camera when he is shooting a wedding event. Shooting with just one camera in tow will turn out to be irresponsible and should be something that you should keep actively working against as much as possible as a wedding photographer. You have to understand that when it comes to this particular trend, no one will ever really be safe from equipment failure or anything like that. It will always turn out to be so much better to have your contingencies set up somewhere along the way just in case something happens your main camera.


lensesA collection of lenses is also something that a wedding photographer in North Wales should focus his attention on as much as possible. You are technically going to need to start off with two basic lenses in order for you to get to have most of the shots that you need to take during a wedding photo shoot. You need a telephoto lens for your portrait shots as well as for all of the rest of the other closeup shots that you need to take during the wedding. Another lens that you are going to need is a wide angle lens for all of the group shots and wide angle perspectives that you need to take during the wedding as well. These two lenses tend to cost a lot of money so if you don’t have enough to buy both at the same time, you might want to opt for a temporary mid range solution in the form of a medium zoom lens in the meantime.

Memory card and batteries

Memory cards and batteries are two main supplies every North Wales photographer should never run out of. You cannot be caught smack right into a main wedding event and run out of either camera batteries or of memory space. These are basics that you just need to have enough of all of the time every single time while you are working as someone’s main wedding photographer. Memory cards are fairly lightweight and it won’t really be too much trouble to bring a lot of them during a wedding shoot. The same can be said about extra camera batteries. You can actually get extra camera batteries for about $20 apiece. That’s pretty good value for your money right there. It is something that will eventually get to pay for itself as you progress further on in your career.


tripodAnother absolute must have for every wedding photographer North Wales out there is a tripod to keep the camera steady at all times. People usually brush off the importance of a tripod to the side but this is not the kind of mistake that you can afford to make at the end of the day. You need to make sure that you have one along with you no matter what happens. A trusty old tripod is something that can save the day for you in case you get stuck in a particularly bad lighting situation. Tripods can be paired up with long lenses and they work well in keeping your camera in place all the time during instances wherein there are unnecessary camera shakes going on brought on by the focal length of the lenses that you mount on your camera. It sure does beat having to hold the camera by hand all the time.

Camera bag

Although this can fall under the category of accessories, the fact remains that every wedding photographer in North Wales needs a camera bag one way or the other. A well chosen and well thought out camera bag can turn out to make your life so much easier to deal with when you need to move from one place to another as a wedding photographer. Go for something that can withstand the elements as well as something that can stand a lot of wear and tear. For more tips on how to become a great wedding photographer in North Wale, check out www.goldingphotography.co.uk.