professional photography websitesAfter understanding the basics of SEO and getting your way around creating and publishing your first posts, and maybe even getting a few clients already, you’ll want to look for more things to improve, as there is always room for improvement, including your website.

WordPress provides many features and sometimes, you’ll find yourself fascinated with what they can do. But in other times, you wished there is a feature that you need. And that’s where plugins play a role. Plugins are, in time when you gain a great understanding, the essence of professional photography websites.

Hold it right there, I’m not even sure what plugins are. What are they, how do they work?

ABC of Plugins

Have you ever taken part in coding classes? Maybe simple html tricks? You probably remember how your teacher gives you insight into the very basic of internet web pages and how they make those moving words and shiny buttons on the screen. They are all a bunch of codings realized in the form of many different features.

Same thingscan be done in WordPress. For example, you want to prevent spammers in your site from posting malicious contents. There’s a coding to do that, but being a photographer, coding is not part of your nature. So, you use plugins.

Professional photography websites and other type of websites that are based on WordPress make use of various plugins provided by the WordPress, or themselves, to add more features that were not there, because plugins are like packages with the necessary tool and equipment assembled and all you need to know is how to operate it. Plugins make it easy for people who have no idea about coding to use them.


As with installing anything to anywhere, you need to see if the plugins are compatible with your site. For WordPress, each plugins that are provided from WordPress shows how far the plugins are compatible with the version of the site.

Plugins = slower?

No, no, no. Just because a computer is attached to a keyboard and a mouse does not make it slower. Can you imagine operating your computer without them? Yet, your computer can still work and load without them. Imagine WordPress and the plugins like that. Plugins are not burdens; they are complementary to your site. Professional photography websites always have them.

Bad plugins are bad for your site. These are not optimized and poorly coded plugins that will drive your page slower and should be avoided from being installed. If you are downloading from WordPress, there is always the rating and comment section you can check out and FAQ to read before using if provided by the developer.

Doing it without the plugin

Sometimes, it is possible to copy the coding from somewhere else into your site instead. Some plugins are simple and consist of a few lines. Copying those few lines and maybe some others lines will give you multiple plugins and you do not have to install them. Of course, having a little knowledge in it is always helpful, but learning it is not hard if you are only to copy the lines and understand the functions.