weddingThere are a lot of things that you need to figure out before you actually close in on a wedding venue that will be perfect for you and for your wedding. Choosing the perfect location is a time consuming and costly one and you would need to be able to reserve for a considerable period of time so planning ahead is everything.

Guest list

To start off, whatever theme or style you might be going for, you have to figure out or sort of categorize the rest of your guest list. What are the demographics? What type of crowd are they, in general? How many guests are you thinking about having at your wedding event? How mobile are they? Are they willing to travel if in case you do decide to hold the wedding location in some foreign and exotic venue? You also need to figure out if there are any kids attending the wedding venue. You will not be able to please everybody but the best thing that you can do is to please a majority of your guests, at least.

Wedding style

You also have to decide whether you would want a traditional church wedding or a more alternative option which is will not be held in a church, maybe a garden or the beach; but it really varies and depends on what works for a couple and what won’t. If a bride and groom practice different religious beliefs, then a church wedding will not be a very good idea since it is usually committed to just one religion and won’t be fair to the two parties. You also have to put the wedding dresses into consideration. Dresses that are too revealing will not be appropriate in a church venue so you have to make sure that everything aligns accordingly.


A unique location is something that you should also be able to factor in. It depends on the kind of wedding photography Hertfordshire style you are going for. A beach wedding location should work for a spontaneous and fun loving couple. A barn style and shabby chic wedding style should also be pretty interesting for an unconventional couple. Also, it helps if you have a one size fits all thing that can cover both the ceremony and the reception as well all in one.

These are fairly simple options to look at but when it all comes down to it, they are things that should be taken out of the way and figured out before you even come to any short lists on the locations that you can check out for your wedding event. You also need to understand that you do not have to break the bank on this kind of decision. There are a lot of budget friendly options and haggling also does not hurt. You just need the right amount of street savvy and a good sense of practicality and you should be able to get everything that you could ever want or need – and then more. There are compromises to all kinds of challenges and it is all about getting it all figured out.