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Life Saving Tips For Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is not a walk in the park.

Aberdeen wedding photographerIt is more of deep sea diving with sharks with no oxygen tanks at night. Simply put, it isn’t easy. Wedding photography is a very crucial part of any wedding as it is the make or break element. Bad wedding photography will make people regret even attending your wedding. If the pictures all show their bad side, why would they want to see the pictures? However, a good wedding photography will make your wedding remain the talk of the towns for months or even years. This is what a lot of couples strive to accomplish. Wedding photography can be difficult but you can survive it. Here are some tips you can think about when planning for your Aberdeen wedding photography.

Tip number one is to dress in comfortable and appropriate clothing.

For all wedding photographers out there, don’t dress to impress, rather dress to reduce stress. Wear footwear appropriate for the location of your shoot. If you are going to a lake say goodbye to heels and hello to sneakers. To get the best shot for your client, you will be forced to do uncomfortable position such as rolling on the floor and perching on a rock. Those designer trainers weren’t designed for these types of experience, better to leave them at home. For the bride or groom this may seem a bit hard to follow as you’ll be shooting in your wedding clothes. What you can do instead is bring extra clothing and footwear which you may change into after the shoot. This may seem obvious but some couples actually forget about this tip. Don’t forget this tip, it is a lifesaver. Tip number two is to be as natural as you can. A fake smile and an awkward pose are two things we don’t want to see in our wedding photography. Don’t try too hard to get the high model fashion pose or have a huge smile that doesn’t quite reach your eyes. The best wedding shots are those which are relaxed and candid. If you really don’t know how to smile, practice it. You may think it is a little bit weird and unnecessary to smile in front of a mirror, but it really does help. If all else fails, think of a happy memory or of your partner while doing the wedding photography. No doubt, seeing the love of your life beside will bring a beautiful smile to your face.

Tip number three is the most essential, don’t be a diva.

Don’t hog the camera to yourself. Remember Aberdeen wedding photography involves everyone going to the wedding. That means family, friends and other acquaintances. If you want solo shots for your wedding photography, talk to your photographer beforehand and schedule a solo wedding photo shoot. Speaking of wedding photographers, be nice to them. A lot of wedding photographers quit on the job because a bride or a groom became too demanding and unworkable. Needless to say their wedding photography ended in disaster. Befriend your wedding photographer because in the end you both are after the same goal, amazing wedding photographs. Do this and you’ll survive Aberdeen wedding photography with flying colors. You can look at the website Aberdeen wedding phtoographer ( for an idea about how Aberdeen wedding photographers work.

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Seattle Wedding Photographer

How important is the role of a wedding photographer?

Seattle wedding photographerThe answer to that is quite clear actually seeing as the wedding photographer is going to be left in charge of capturing the moments and events of the wedding as they occur so that the wedding couple can have something to look back on years down the line. From this, it is left without saying that the role the wedding photographer plays is not only important but an integral part of the wedding as a whole.

Due to the important nature of the tasks carried out by the photographers, it is very important that care be exercised in choosing the person that will be responsible for getting those shots. Therefore, it is best to take heed of the mistakes that should be avoided when in the process of hiring a wedding photographer. This will make sure that the right decision at the end of the day is eventually made.

The following are some of the mistakes that need to be avoided when booking a photographer:

Not asking questions

If you do not ask questions, then you will not be getting answers to things that draw a certain point of concern for you. A thing such as making the wedding photographer uncomfortable due to the nature of the questions being asked does not exist. After all, there are jobs that require applicants to go through a strict screening process and yours in comparison might just be childs play. If there are things regarding the wedding photography package that have you confused then speak up.

Thinking the wedding photographer can read your mind

How do you expect the wedding photographer to take the shots you expect of him when do not make any mention of what you like. During a meet with your photographer, it is important to make particular specifications and requirements as the more direct you are, the easier it will be for the photographer to see to fulfilling your requests. Never make the mistake of assuming that as a wedding photographer he has had these discussions with previous clients so by now all he has to do is see me and know what I want.

Foregoing communication before the wedding

This is the same thing as not maintaining communication channels before the wedding. Communication is very important as without it, important information can be lost. Most couples make the mistake of assuming that once the photography contract has been drawn up and signed then that automatically means see you on the wedding day. Communication is a continuous process so keeping the lines open by asking whether or not the photographer has everything prepared and making sure he knows what time to be there does more good than harm.

Hiring the wedding photographer without validation

Are you going to be hiring Catie Coyle – Seattle wedding photographer based on merit or because you heard a friend tell a friend that told another friend that the services offered were good? She’s definitely a great choice though. It is one thing to receive advice from friends but it is advisable that advice and recommendation should also be validated.

Outdoor Wedding Photographs – Ideas for Your Wedding Photographer Peterborough

wedding photographer PeterboroughWhat every prospective wedding couple knows is that when it comes to their wedding photographs they only get one shot at it and it had better be the right one. This becomes more daunting for the wedding photographer Peterborough the wedding in question happens to be held in the outdoors of Peterborough where the control of things such as lighting and backdrop are not up to you. As a wedding photographer, there are certain merits and demerits to having a wedding venue such as this but the following steps should ensure that the photographs taken are still great:


A great plan might be just what you need to survive against unpredictable weather elements and unwarranted situations in outdoor Peterborough. Once the wedding guests start arriving and activities kick up, there is bound to be hustle and bustle making things hectic. As a result of this, you may not have the time you need to structure a proper photo shoot but make sure you note don some ideas beforehand and also visit the site to see what can be used to your advantage and things you should also avoid. Going to the wedding with a good idea of what to expect gives you confidence to handle any situation.


You certainly cannot control what the weather is like but you can certainly have control of your timing. Hire Emma Joy Photography and you can be sure that timing will not be a problem especially when it comes to capturing important moments. The experienced photographers know that lighting is best in the wee hours of the day and in Peterborough that is around 4 to 7 depending on what time of the year it is. For the brides, they think a sunny outdoor wedding means better pictures but that is not the case as bright sunlight creates harsh lighting conditions that are likely to affect the result of your pictures.


Timing differs from punctuality. For timing, you need to know what time is best for certain pictures as well as being around to capture events. Punctuality on the other hand requires you to be on time for the wedding. It also extends to the family members who have prominent parts to play in the wedding pictures especially if a group photo shoot has been arranged. Due to the fact that you have no control over weather conditions, it is important that every important family member be made to come early for the scheduled photo shoots.

Make use of what you have

Creativity is one skill that every professional wedding photographer must have but unfortunately, it is not common and as a result, it is highly valued. A good photographer will not complain about the hand that he or she is dealt rather, they would seek to turn that hand into an advantage so if you find that the wedding venue happens to be outdoor where the sun is harsh, you can make use of your flash and the sun to create a rimlight for your subjects without a silhouette being drawn on their faces.

Why Choose Indian Wedding Photographers?

indian weddingIf you wanted to gain knowledge about something, there is no better way than to learn from an expert in that subject. The same can be said for Indian weddings as the best way to have your wedding be memorable and timeless is by getting a wedding photographer that is familiar with Indian traditions and knows what each activity means.

Indian weddings are often a showcase of the traditions and values of India.

The weddings comprise of beautiful settings full of religious and cultural ceremonies such as the Akhand Paath meaning Engagement, Sangeet meaning Blissful Union and the Four Lavaan which are wedding vows that take place during the wedding ceremony. With these chain of events taking place, it would be better to have someone in tune with the traditions and their meanings so that they can know how best to represent such captured moments in pictures. You find that the Indian photographers know how to be sensitive to the families and their requests when it comes to the traditional ceremonies and practices and this is often something that is painstakingly represented in their pictures.

Different wedding packages and services

Although Indian weddings are a bit different from the norm, the services and packages offered by the Indian wedding photographers is not different from the other professional wedding packages as you can choose depending on the type of coverage you desire. The Indian wedding photography packages can include all the usual features like still photography, albums, CD’s and videography in selected standards or high definition. Check out for examples. The wedding photographers are aware that the wedding photography is not only about the bride and groom bur also their friends and family that are present to celebrate the,. It can be said that a perfect wedding is always going to be incomplete if there is the absence of a wedding photographer not covering all the events that take place before and during the marriage events.

Better capture the mood

An Indian wedding photographer has a better chance to capture the mood and gravity of the various ceremonies that take place better than any other wedding photographer due to the simple fact of being familiar with the customs and traditions and their important meanings. You find that the weddings have a lot of family involvement from the bride and groom side so it is not rare to find a wedding photographer engaging with the family and friends during a ceremony like the Gurudwara as well as those that hold in the homes of the respective family members.

Know the type of lighting

Another benefit of Indian wedding photographers is the fact that they are more familiar with the wedding attires as well as the decorations of the wedding location and as a result, they know what type of lighting works well with them and the right effect to employ to capture the emotion of the moment. Activities like dancing and singing play heavy features in the Indian weddings and your Indian wedding photographer having already been accustomed to such would also know what to expect and how best to capture the moment on film.

Penny Pinching Wedding Photography Tips

newcastle wedding photographerOne of the most important needs that you will get to have during the wedding would have to be your wedding photography needs. More often not, articles from all over the internet will advise you to always go for the best of the best that the industry can offer. One thing about the best and the best of these experts in wedding photography though is that they don’t really come cheap. If you are on a bit of a stringy budget and 10 percent of your budget doesn’t even meet half of what the professional wedding photographers are asking you for in the first place, you might find yourself between a rock and a hard place. What you need to understand though about wedding photography is that nothing is set in stone.

You can always tweak a few things here and there.

Negotiation can really bring in its rewards at the end of the day especially if you know how to play things by ear. You just have to be smart about which corners you should be cutting. Let’s just make it absolutely clear though that wedding photography is not something that you should opt out of at any point in time no matter how stingy your budget might be. You need to make sure that you have something to remember your wedding by in the first place.

Review wedding packages.

To make sure that you don’t end up paying for something that you never really needed in the first place, review the wedding photography packages that are being offered out to you at some point or so. Have a look at the offers in wedding photography sites such as Half of the time, you will not even need everything that is in there. Pick out 3 to 5 items that you cannot possibly live without for the wedding photography coverage of your wedding and let go of the rest. One such example is the physical photo album. In the age of printers and high quality glossy paper, you really don’t need one in the first place. For as long as you have a soft copy of the high resolution photos that he took during the wedding and for as long as you have a pretty safe place to store it in such as some kind of hard drive or even on the cloud, then you really shouldn’t worry too much about it. Physical wedding photo albums are also quite pricey and you will be surprised how something like this crossed off the list can help lower your wedding photography costs when it all comes down to it.

You can actually do without the engagement photo shoot or the couple shoot.

In lieu of that, you can go ahead and ask your wedding photographer for a first look shoot instead. Sure, it will require you to be a little earlier than usual during the day of the wedding but in reality, when you think about it, a few hours really wouldn’t hurt that much considering the amount of money that you will be saving on the side since most Newcastle wedding photographers don’t charge anything extra for a first look shoot.

How To Book Your Wedding Photographer In And Around Essex

wedding photographer in and around EssexThe thing about the wedding that you are planning out or at some point making arrangements for is that it is something that happens only once in a lifetime. If it makes you nervous or anxious at any point in time, it would be totally understandable and you have every reason to be. After all, everything needs to be perfect and on point during the wedding and so many things could possibly go wrong and there is just so much to think about and make arrangements for at the end of the day.

Out of all of the vendors who will be with you during the wedding, the wedding photographer in and around Essex that you end up hiring will get to spend the most time with you. It is essential that you pick one that you like the most and pick one who will turn out to be more than capable in handling anything and everything that could possibly come along during that special day. You need to be sure and confident enough to know that your wedding photographer in and around Essex of choice will really be able to knock the ball out of the park, so to speak.  When hiring someone that you can entrust your wedding memories to, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind all the time.

Ask the wedding photographer of your choice if he is a member of any association or group that is established in the area.

Most of these wedding photographers who are a part of these groups will most likely have insurance licenses and all of the other permits required in order for them to gain admission and membership and this could work out to your advantage as a paying client because again, we zero back to the fact that anything can happen during the wedding. You will never really know when a rowdy guest manages to knock off the photographer’s equipment. We’re talking about hundreds to thousands of dollars’ worth of professional photography equipment that you need to cover for at some point or so which is bound to happen if the photographer doesn’t have insurance in the first place. If anything unexpected happens, you are at least covered and assured that you won’t have to pay it at the end of the day.

Make it a point to ask about the experience and the kind of track record a wedding photographer in Essex has.

A good thing to keep in mind would be for you to ask for a complete wedding coverage instead of just seeing curated snippets or the best shots that he has managed to capture during the weddings that he has covered in the past. This will give you a little bit more idea about how he handles things and about the way that he shoots most of his shots to begin with. Don’t be impressed with just a few shots. Look at the entire wedding coverage as a whole before you pass judgment and make any decisions as a potential wedding photography client.

What To Confirm When Looking For A Wedding Photographer

Confirm what the total package pricing is of this wedding photographer that you are talking to.

destination wedding photographerYou need to know right from the very start if you will be able to afford him or not. Without the overall pricing or costs for the wedding photography service, you might never get it right and you might never be able to afford it. It is either that or you could have gotten a way better coverage because you had far more money to move around. The point of the matter is that you need to know what you are looking for and what you should be looking into at the end of the day in order for things to really pan out according to plan at some point or so. Talk to your professional wedding photographer about this and make sure that you will be able to get this taken into account first and ahead of pretty much anything and everything else. You need to really confirm this before moving forward with any wedding photographer option or potential that you might have up on the table at some point or so.

Look into the post production strategies and details your wedding photographer has up his sleeve at the end of the day.

Post production can make or break a wedding photography coverage and this is why you need to know about what a photographer’s plans and strategies are for post production before you actually get to the point wherein you are ready to book him at the end of the day. Regardless how great someone may be with his shots and with the composition that he is bringing in the equation; the photos still need to be touched up one way or the other. There will always be the possibility of red eye or blurring or some issues with the photos but all of these can still be salvaged one way or the other for as long as you have post production details working things out for you somewhere in the background so get this looked into in the best ways that you possibly can.

Pay attention to planning process.

The planning process for your wedding photography coverage needs to be meticulous so you need to really pay attention to the way that a photographer is mapping out the details for your wedding coverage as much as possible. Listen to how a professional wedding photographer talks about his plans for the wedding and try to see if this is the kind of thing that you see your wedding mapping out at the end of the day. Have a good and long sit down session with the professional wedding photographer that you are planning to book before you actually end up doing anything when it all comes down to it.

You also need this wedding photographer to be professional and to have finesse in what he does and in generally how he deals with people when it all comes down to it. Go for someone who is amiable and someone who can really cater to the guests that you are bringing in for the wedding.

What To Know About Wedding Photography

Time is essential

berkshire wedding photographerIf this is your first time to delve into wedding photography in and around Berkshire, what you need to know is that time is off the essence. Even if the wedding is something that will turn out to be months and months away, you will not have enough time if you do not start acting immediately. If there is anything that you need to research or if there is anything that you need to figure out right from the get go, then you ought to start looking right away because it will not be easy. There are bound to be a lot of things that you need to figure out and check out before you will be able to have all of the best laid plans in wedding photography at the end of the day. Even if things are ways off, you need to start getting to work already because there are a lot of things that you need to work on. There is an awful lot of ground that you will need to cover all throughout the time that you are trying to set out the preparations for your wedding so try to get a head start as much as possible and don’t wait until it’s too late for you to start getting a hold on all of the right experts in wedding photography in and around Berkshire.

Learn how you will be able to tap into the contacts that you have.

Try to see if they have any valuable recommendations that they can go ahead and make for any professionals that you could possibly review or assess who are working in the wedding photography in and around Hertfordshire vertical. You are bound to have some friends or some people who know the top professional wedding photographers in the Hertfordshire area. This is something that you ought to really make the most use of at the end of the day. all you need to do is to make sure that you are actually quite resourceful with the way that you handle things at the end of the day. ask for recommendations or for referrals in any way that you possibly can. It will make all of the difference in the world. When you have people helping you out in getting in touch with the professionals in the field of wedding photography in and around Hertfordshire, it means that you won’t have to end up doing all of the work at the end of the day.

Learn how to filter out the unnecessary clutter.

If there are any professional wedding photographers who you think will not fit your needs for the wedding, then filter them out early on so that you will be able to focus on getting to those who can provide you with what you need in terms of wedding photography in and around Berkshire. Base it on the photography style, amount of recommendations, and quality of previous works posted in their portfolios. Things will turn out to be so much clearer and so much easier to go through with when you have a clear cut path for the direction that you would like to take when it comes to things like this.

Things Every Gay Wedding Photographer Should Get Rid Of

Get rid of routine.

professional gay wedding photographerOne of the major challenges of trying to establish your place in the industry as a gay wedding photographer is the fact that you have probably been a wedding photographer for the longest time running and most of your experiences have been with heterosexual couples. Although this may not turn out to be something that you have given a lot of thought before, the fact remains that as a wedding photographer who has been in the industry for quite some time now, you have most likely fallen into certain habits for the mere fact that you have been doing them again and again in all of the weddings that you have managed to shoot. Whatever you may have been used to in the past might turn out to be things that might impede you from becoming an efficient gay wedding photographer in the future. You need to go out of your way to be willing to unlearn the things that you may already know and to relearn them the right way so that you will be able to execute those said things in your wedding photo shoot the right way.

Get rid of normal gender roles.

Depending on the kind of same sex couple that you will be dealing with, the gender roles may vary greatly. The normal masculine and feminine gender roles that you are are used to seeing and being surrounded with all of the time may not be applicable to what you are about to experience as a gay wedding photographer. Same sex relationships usually run a little bit deeper and slightly more complicated than that and that is the kind of thing that you will need to brace yourself for when it all comes down to it. It can be very confusing at times and a blanket approach when it comes to something like this is both inappropriate and inapplicable. The only way for a gay wedding photographer to find a way around this would be to go straight to the source and ask the clients about it right off the bat. Most of the gay couples who are thinking about getting married have long been at peace and happy with the state of their relationships that it really shouldn’t be too much problem trying to go ahead and explain things to you at the end of the day.

Get rid of exclusive language.

Be careful with the way that you compose your statements as a gay wedding photographer. A somewhat thoughtless and relatively harmless term or phrase can easily spread like wildfire and cause uncomfortable situations. Instead of saying “bridal party”, say “wedding party” or something fairly similar to that. Use inclusive and general language especially when there is a gender that needs to be addressed. It can require a bit of work in the beginning but for as long as you are willing to work through it, you should get the hang of things in the long run and this is what every professional gay wedding photographer should aim for.

Finding A Great Wedding Photographer In London

Trying to find the best London based wedding photographer out there might cost you some money.

wedding photographyNothing is ever cheap in London, after all. However, given the fact that this is something that will turn out to be one of the most important days in your life and this is technically something that you are already spending a considerable amount of money for in the first place, and then there really isn’t any turning back when it comes to things like this. Getting married in London is expensive and it is downright one of the trickiest things that you will ever get to pull off in your life but if you get to do it right, you are bound to find it all worth it in the end and that’s really all there is to it when you come to think about it.

You need to really look into the details of how things pan out and how you will be able to more or less work them out to your advantage at the end of the day. get this checked out in all of the right ways and you will surely find out that it will really be well worth the costs and the efforts and time that you are pouring into it. The wedding may come and go, as with the food, the people, and all of the other preparations that come along with it but the pictures are something that you will be able to hold on to even as the years go by.

Consider availability.

When hiring a London based wedding photographer, the first thing that you need to take into account as much as possible is the availability of the person. If you are opting for someone who is fairly well reputed and established in his particular field, then there is a pretty good chance that he will have a pretty busy business calendar. You might not get him during the day of the wedding and this is something that you need to prepare for. Have all of your contingencies figured out well ahead of time so that you wouldn’t have to worry about it too much anymore somewhere in the long run. When you have a second or third or even a fourth option at some point or so, you will surely be able to map out all of your plans the right way at the end of the day.

Know who the photographers are.

You also need to know ahead of time if you really are getting the main wedding photographer of your choice or if you will just end up getting one of the shooters at his employ. This is the kind of thing that you will need to check the contract for as much as possible. Any ambiguities might end up being loopholes and you need to avoid them by being detailed in all of the right ways and by getting all of your bases covered as a client no matter what happens.

Take a look at the post processing techniques of a certain wedding photographer as well.

Post processing is just as time consuming and just as labor intensive as the actual activity of shooting a photo so make it a point to really get things looked into in all of the right ways no matter what happens. The profile of this London based wedding photographer will show you a thing or two about professional post processing.