The list can go on and on, but these 6 mistakes are often what many don’t even realize they are doing. As a professional Hertfordshire wedding photographer, these are not those mistakes that event organizers will accept. Your clients mighHertfordshire Wedding Photographert have minimum knowledge about wedding photography, but event organizers are people who can easily notice these mistakes and inform your clients about it.

1. No practice

It’s important that you practice your wedding photography often. Especially if there’s a new venue you are assigned to or if there’s a new technique that you want to explore. One way to do this is to practice those shots with your clients or scout the venue before the wedding day.

Practicing is important because wedding photography isn’t something you can try. It’s something that you have one chance only to work on.

2. No formal clothing

A wedding photographer is invited to a formal wedding of his clients as a photographer. It’s important that as that photographer, you show respect to your clients by wearing formal clothing to his party. It is disrespectful to your clients that if you wear shorts and jersey to the party. You have to wear according to the party’s dress code.

Have two sets of formal clothing that you can wear to wedding parties. Of course, you need to make sure that they are comfortable to work in and won’t hinder you from moving around. It’s also important to not attract unnecessary attention.

3. Not prepared

As a Hertfordshire wedding photographer, Catherine Pound reminds that you need to be always prepared for everything that may happen at a wedding in general, and the ones that are already predicted in particular. For example, if the weather forecast says it’s going to rain, you will go there with umbrellas and lens hood prepared.

You need to anticipate anything that could happen because any mistake made will not be well accepted by your clients. Even though the weather is not something that you can do about, if you are prepared for it, your clients will most likely be delighted at the results.

4. No discussion

You cannot know what your clients want the most from you if you never talk to them. Make some time, so that you can both have proper discussions with each other regarding what the photographer needs to do for the clients.

Talk about the itinerary of the day and make sure that you know what’s going on. You cannot come and just hope that you can somehow take great pictures without any good planning and discussion beforehand with your client.

5. Not enjoying himself

It’s true that it is a happy day for your clients and it’s a given that they are going to love and remember that day very well. On the other hand, this is your job, something that you have decided to dedicate your life into. You need to be able to enjoy doing this for other people or it won’t be a job that lasts. If you can learn to enjoy yourself as a Hertfordshire wedding photographer, you will automatically capture better pictures for your clients.