documentary wedding photographyWedding photography is an important factor being looked into by couples planning for their wedding. These couples have several wedding photography types to choose from and one of the widely used today is the documentary wedding photography.

Documentary wedding photography involves a professional wedding photographer taking pictures during the wedding as moments happen. The photographer does not provide any instructions or directions to the couple and their guests. He/she just discreetly takes pictures without telling anybody on what poses to make or where to position themselves for a shot. In other words, there is no intervention or direction involved when the wedding photographer records the event in the wedding.

Documentary wedding photography is also known as reportage photography or photojournalistic approach. The documentary wedding photos are expected to tell a narrative story about the wedding. This wedding photography style is considered to be a more realistic approach and can capture the real happenings during that occasion including the genuine emotions and expressions of the people around.

If you are interested in getting into documentary wedding photography, then here are 5 documentary wedding photography tips you should know.

  1. Get all important information about the wedding

As a documentary wedding photographer, your main goal is to deliver photos that tell a narrative of a couple’s wedding. It is thus important for you to know all the important information about the couple and their wedding. What do the couple like and hate? What pictures do they expect to see? What do they want you to focus on when shooting? What time will the wedding start and expected to end?

You need to know the details of the wedding such as the time, venue/s and even the rules in the venue. By gathering information, you can plan better on where to position yourself, what type of shots to take and what to focus on.

  1. Move and think fast

When applying documentary wedding photography style, it is important for a wedding photographer to learn to anticipate on what moments will happen. It might take you awhile at first to be good in anticipating events but after several weddings, you will become better at it. You also need to move around and think fast because you will not only take pictures of the couple but also their guests.

  1. Choose the right lens to use

A DSLR camera with the right lens attached to it can give you the shots you want. You must then bring the right lenses during the wedding. You can bring a standard prime as well as a long lens so you can produce a variety of shots. A long lens can allow you to shoot unnoticed although the quality might not be as great as those taken using a prime lens.

  1. Avoid using flash

Since your goal is to produce awesome wedding photos without interfering during the wedding, then you will have to avoid using a popup or even an external flash. A flash can get too much attention thus disturbing the solemnity of the event especially during exchange of vows. If you are shooting in low-light environment, you can allow light to get into your camera by adjusting its settings. You can either boost the ISO or change the shooting mode and you can do this best by mastering your camera. Find time to study your camera manual and apply what you have learned through practice shooting.

  1. Compose your shots at all times

Even if you have to move around and shoot fast, it is important for you to compose your shots before clicking your camera. Remember the principles like the rule of thirds that most professional photographer apply when taking pictures and make it a habit to compose first before shooting.

By following the tips above, you can get started into documentary wedding photography and produce brilliant wedding photos that your client will love.