5 Fatal Mistakes a Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer Does

The list can go on and on, but these 6 mistakes are often what many don’t even realize they are doing. As a professional Hertfordshire wedding photographer, these are not those mistakes that event organizers will accept. Your clients mighHertfordshire Wedding Photographert have minimum knowledge about wedding photography, but event organizers are people who can easily notice these mistakes and inform your clients about it.

1. No practice

It’s important that you practice your wedding photography often. Especially if there’s a new venue you are assigned to or if there’s a new technique that you want to explore. One way to do this is to practice those shots with your clients or scout the venue before the wedding day.

Practicing is important because wedding photography isn’t something you can try. It’s something that you have one chance only to work on.

2. No formal clothing

A wedding photographer is invited to a formal wedding of his clients as a photographer. It’s important that as that photographer, you show respect to your clients by wearing formal clothing to his party. It is disrespectful to your clients that if you wear shorts and jersey to the party. You have to wear according to the party’s dress code.

Have two sets of formal clothing that you can wear to wedding parties. Of course, you need to make sure that they are comfortable to work in and won’t hinder you from moving around. It’s also important to not attract unnecessary attention.

3. Not prepared

As a Hertfordshire wedding photographer, Catherine Pound reminds that you need to be always prepared for everything that may happen at a wedding in general, and the ones that are already predicted in particular. For example, if the weather forecast says it’s going to rain, you will go there with umbrellas and lens hood prepared.

You need to anticipate anything that could happen because any mistake made will not be well accepted by your clients. Even though the weather is not something that you can do about, if you are prepared for it, your clients will most likely be delighted at the results.

4. No discussion

You cannot know what your clients want the most from you if you never talk to them. Make some time, so that you can both have proper discussions with each other regarding what the photographer needs to do for the clients.

Talk about the itinerary of the day and make sure that you know what’s going on. You cannot come and just hope that you can somehow take great pictures without any good planning and discussion beforehand with your client.

5. Not enjoying himself

It’s true that it is a happy day for your clients and it’s a given that they are going to love and remember that day very well. On the other hand, this is your job, something that you have decided to dedicate your life into. You need to be able to enjoy doing this for other people or it won’t be a job that lasts. If you can learn to enjoy yourself as a Hertfordshire wedding photographer, you will automatically capture better pictures for your clients.

Fine Art Wedding Photography: What, Who and How

fine art wedding photographyOne of the most loved style by couples is fine art wedding photography. It is a true beauty captured by professional photographers through the eyes that see what others did not. It is a visually stunning style that makes every other bride jealous of what you got there. And most importantly, it’s something that captured your wedding as beautiful as how you see it.

The art of wedding photography

Fine art is a famous style in photography where the photographer aims to use anything around him as a canvas by casting lights on them. If you were never the type that loved art, think Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh and then Peter Lik from Australia. These are two famous artists in painting and photography with a strong fine art style in their artworks.

In wedding photography, a photographer will not necessarily focus too much on fine art, but instead, adapt it to suits the taste of their clients. Romance, togetherness, perfection in flaws; those are the typical vibes and tones in wedding pictures. And with those, each photographer has a different method of enacting those things through their artworks, such as in fine art style.


If this style interests you, finding the person that is professional in this is the next thing that you want. We suggest that you first do a quick scan over what various wedding photographers in fine art offer. Surprisingly, you will see that many photographers don’t really execute fine art in their photography technique. It looks just like another wedding picture for you.

We would like to recommend a really professional person in fine art wedding photography. The name of the studio is Julia and You. Fine art is in the blood of this photographer and you will certainly love the works that she did.

Make sure that you question whoever the photographer you meet and want to hire before you make your decision. Ask questions regarding their experience, how much it will cost and don’t miss out details like whether there is an additional charge that has to be made.

How to know

How do you know that you want the photographer to take your wedding pictures? When you questioned them, the answers should strengthen the fact that they claimed, such as being a professional. For example, the photographer should have years of experience on the job. If he’s still a beginner, he should have at least experience on the job by working with other professionals.

Before signing on the contract, check the content of it and only sign it after you are sure with what’s in there. Do not miss out on the fine print of the contract. Contact your photographer if there is anything you are not sure about.

And here is your guide on fine art wedding photography! This is only a brief overview as there are much to talk about on how you should question your photographer. But at the very least, this short reading will help you understand what it is and why anyone would want to hire one. And we wish you a happy marriage and congratulate you on your new journey of life!

Wedding Photographer Glasgow: The Two Different Styles

wedding photographer GlasgowThere are basically two different styles of wedding photography that a wedding photographer Glasgow can have. Knowing the style of the photography that you are about to use is useful in helping you find the photographer that you want.

You may have seen some photographers using the term ‘documentary’, ‘fine art’, ‘natural’, etc. You don’t really know what some of them mean and what exactly to expect from these people. Read on and you’ll get to know more!

Documentary wedding photography

The documentary style has the photographer focuses on the story of the day. It’s a rather traditional style, but with recent photographers, have taken a rather modern change. Now, documentary style isn’t simply taking pictures to document the day of the marriage. They are also to capture pictures with aesthetics value and are edited properly.

Photographers who use documentary-style usually works behind the scene.

They often use the working method called fly-on-the-wall because interruption can ruin the natural flow of the day. The photographer will most likely remain invisible when he’s not taking formal pictures. The less you notice your photographer, the more relaxed you’ll be and the better the results of the pictures.

This is also where the word ‘natural’ is often used. A wedding photographer that strives to take on pictures without interrupting or disturbing the people involved will automatically take pictures that look natural. This doesn’t mean that a fine art wedding photographer cannot have a natural tone in their pictures. It’s simply how this one style can easily execute the pictures with this tone.

An example that we’d like to show is https://fotomakiphotography.com/. If you are looking for a wedding photographer Glasgow (or maybe two of them!), we suggest that you come to take a look. Aside from being a wedding photographer with a rather documentary and natural tone, they are also alternative wedding photographers.

Alternative wedding photography

It’s rather a classification of the kind of wedding that you are holding. People typically hold their special day at a wedding venue, hotel or some other places where weddings are usually done. But alternative wedding photographers are asked to work with couples who have a rather special aspiration. They can either have a documentary or fine art style.

Fine art

While wedding photographers with fine art style rather take aesthetics value highly. They consider visual quality to be more important. A wedding photographer in this style will always want to direct you to get the pictures you will love, but there are also fine art photographers who resort to taking a more quiet, invisible approach during ceremony and reception.

Fine art style usually has the photographer doing his best during a couple shots that are posed. This is because the photographer has planned where is the best place to have the pictures taken and when is the best time to do it. Because visual quality matters, they are also the people that will edit more (but not excessively!) to make the pictures look stunning.

When choosing your wedding photographer Glasgow, you can think about whether you will like a rather candid, natural approach to your pictures, or the more aesthetic and gorgeous approach.

Why Photographers Need to Learn SEO

photography SEOWhat is SEO? Why does any photographer need to learn photography SEO? What will that do and how is that going to improve business?

SEO stands for search engine optimization which aims to optimize one’s content to appeal to the keywords, coding, and algorithms of search engines. In this case, we will talk in general about Google, the biggest search engine in the world. We’re pretty sure that’s where you want to appeal as well.

Learning about SEO will help you how to create content that will appeal to the things that people search in general. For example, what kind of people do you think will need your service? A wedding photographer will need engaged couples, family photographers need families people in their 30s, etc. You know your target market and now, you need to think about the keywords they use when in search of a service.

For example, a couple who are getting married in London may type ‘wedding photographer London’ in the search bar. Knowing that you may want your content to be fully optimized to appeal to that keyword many times. Yet, it should not be done carelessly in a way that the search engine will think you are spamming the keywords.

Learning about SEO will tell you what is allowed and what isn’t to make your site popular and rank higher.

On the other hand, you can also hire people to help you with the content but be able to observe what they are doing if you have at least the basics of it. You don’t have to be a genius but knowing a least the basic will help a lot.

We like to recommend our photographer readers www.photoproseo.com to learn the basic of photography SEO. You can get audit reports and great service in making sure that your site is loved and visited by people.

Photographers must also learn about media management of the site because undoubtedly, you will upload a lot of pictures in the future. That is how people will like your site and even the purpose of them visiting. Yet, it should not be annoying to the point that it’ll lag so much. On the other hand, you probably didn’t know that even pictures can have SEO!

For example, in WordPress, you are able to upload pictures and input details of each of the pictures.

There are taglines, descriptions, alt texts, etc. that will help the picture be found by the search engine. For example, some people may use the word wedding pictures in London and then find the photographer who took that picture.

The last reason would be to keep up with others. Everyone is doing their best to make sure that their sites are well-optimized and UI-friendly for visitors. They want people to enjoy their visit and come back again later to increase traffic with their regular uploads. A site has to be more than just prepared but also made to be easy to found for the clients.

As you can see, photography SEO is something that is mandatory for any site owners. Learning it can really help you a lot.

Reportage Wedding Videography

wedding videography MelbourneThis particular style of wedding videography Melbourne is quite trending these days due to how natural it is. A lot of couples love it and after reading on, you’ll probably come to like it, too! We’ll be discussing what it is, what you’ll get and how it’s done.

Reportage videography

Reportage or journalistic style focuses heavily on the chronology of the day. It also frequently uses the fly-on-the-wall approach where all the guests are not interrupted at all. Videographers often slip in bits of an interview with close friends and family members throughout the video. The interview usually involves the question of what they think about this wedding.

There’s always a little bit of surprise from wedding videos in journalistic style. You never know what your friends or parents are going to say, that’s if you try not to peek or eavesdrop during the process! The length of the video can differ depending on the videographer and the party. However, it gets typically longer than a cinematic style video; about an hour or two.

The journalistic or documentary style also bears similarity with cinematic style wedding videos but leans more towards a natural look.

Needs a pro to do it!

Documentary style, while it requires the day to be fully recorded, has to be done with minimum equipment. But it doesn’t mean that your videographer should go with a lack of equipment. There has to be a high-quality mic accompanying with a versatile video camera with him.

The pro skill is really more to how the videographer can try to be less of a nuisance in the middle of the party. Some people can get really conscious of the cameraman that they’ll keep looking at the camera. Those clips can be used sometimes, but it won’t be enjoyable if people seem to notice the camera 60% of the time. You can take a wedding videography Melbourne from www.blackavenueproductions.com.au as a good example.

The video has to start with the beginning of the day and the ceremony, complete with the reception party and a good ending. But because it’s more towards a documentary, your videographer has to be sure that he gets all the important scenes of the day.

The editing process of the video isn’t easy, too. Your videographer will have to do a lot of syncing, editing and this whole process can take weeks or even months. This is why documentary style videography costs quite a bit. If you can hire a photographer that also provides this in a package, you can get it at a lower price.

Why you’ll love it

A documentary wedding videography Melbourne is lovely in how it shows the day step-by-step. Even 30 years from now when you don’t really remember how you looked like, you’ll still have your wedding video. It still shows the day in an order and in an enjoyable way. There’s also the fact that the guests won’t be as disturbed and your videographer will remain discreet, not interrupting even a single soul during the party. You’ll even get to listen to your close friends encouraging messages and lovely words from your parents!

4 Reasons Your Event Photography Skill Isn’t Improving

event photographyAfter working on several events, you figured that your event photography skills have been stagnant. There’s no big improvement in your pictures and you’re beginning to wonder, “What’s wrong?”

Believe me, there’s a very big chance that one of the 4 reasons we’re about to discuss has something to do with you. And perhaps, you can return with a better picture of your next project!

Not trying new things

The beginning of your career is always a time to explore. Find new ways of taking those pictures. If you used to take them from one angle, learn to do it from a different perspective. You never know if it’ll end up as something much better than you expected.

Do not limit the chances of exploration within your work. In your free time, keep practicing and capture different pictures from different situations. So far, you might have never shot in an event that is quite different and held in a different environment. You never know when you will, but you know you can prepare.

Observe your past works

When you look at your pictures, don’t just think whether or not they look good. Critic yourself and find the flaws of those pictures. Which part of the pictures don’t you like? How did you wish the photographer could’ve done better? Was the lighting enough?

All the answers will lead you to what you can do on your next session. You might even be faced with a similar situation sooner or later, so figuring out what you did wrong will help in your next session.

Observing the works of professionals in event photography, such as www.smartpicsukeventphotography.com, will also help. Compare the pictures and spot the differences in mood, quality, lighting, etc.

Fear of failure

Who likes to fail? All of us wants to make sure that what we do will not, at the least, fail. Failure is a not a good feeling, yet, it’s a very good teacher and reminder. As an event photographer, we’re bound to find our work looking worse than before. Sometimes, we notice how the pictures this time just don’t live up to our standard. Others may find exploring new ways of doing things didn’t work so well.

With many suggestions, advice, and training, we might still fail. Yet, it’s not supposed to be a reason to not go beyond our comfort zone. There’s even a stronger reason to try harder with yourself and remember that everyone else failed at least one time in their life, too. Your failures should not be the reason to stop trying to become better.

You never had the passion

There are people who love photography and thought that working on anything related to it will do for them. In the end, these people figured that they lost their passion halfway there.

Did they even have the passion to start with?

It’s an important fuel to keep you going and make all the effort less toiling. If you enjoy what you do, it will feel less awful and you’ll even find yourself wanting to do it again next time. If you cannot enjoy event photography, ask yourself, why did you do this in the first place and if you really want it?

Be a Wedding Photographer People Love

Scotland wedding photographerIt’s important as a Scotland wedding photographer to become a friendly person his clients love. A wedding photographer like that will make his clients more comfortable around him. Having a good communication skill will also improve your relationship with them faster.

Better discussion

In order to ensure that the pictures you capture will be liked, you have to do all you can to figure out the style that your client like. It’s not impossible if you and your client are close enough to talk much about it. This will also make it less awkward for you to ask questions to better clarify the details.

It’s going to be easier for the clients to sound their opinions as well. They might have more specific preferences that they have regarding the wedding pictures. As both you get to know more about each other, your client will have more trust in you.

Better guest pictures

When directing for the group pictures, you’ll be dealing with a group of people you’ve never seen before. Unless you’ve been to the rehearsal, this might be your first time meeting them. It’s always awkward trying to make strangers model for you. Yet, it’s necessary.

Learn to make jokes. Simple ones can help break the ice and make the situation better. You need them to be relaxed and enjoy the session and you also need them to be able to listen to your direction well. It’s a whole lot better for photographers who know how to talk. You can learn this well by becoming the assistant of a professional Scotland wedding photographer from www.blackfoxphotography.co.uk.

Attend the rehearsal

No matter how good your communication skills are, attending the rehearsal will bring you benefits. It’s the chance for you to meet a lot of the guests and family members who will be involved in the wedding. Without a doubt, you’ll also be taking their pictures later on and rather than getting awkward later, introducing yourself briefly won’t hurt.

During the rehearsal, you can also scout the venue with your client. During this, you can discuss together the kind of pictures that you will be taking as well as giving them tips so that they will be looking in the right direction when you take the pictures. You can even try taking some shots which can be included in the album later on if they want to.

Let them spread the word

It’s easier for your clients to talk positively about you if you become someone they love to have around. They’ll even keep on talking about how you’re a great Scotland wedding photographer, even though it may be heavily biased from how nice you actually were. It’s part of the job and it affects both you and your clients positively in the end.

For some people, it doesn’t come by easily. You may have to pay extra effort in doing it and learning how to become a better speaker. But it is certainly worth it if you are looking at a long-term prospect. By becoming a person that people love having around, you’re improving your work quality as well as your image.

5 Things to Do on Your Free Time

SEO for photographersBeing a professional photographer means you have a website to maintain your business easy to be found anywhere. Owning a website, however, means you have more responsibility to take care of, or it will all for naught in paying that monthly host fee.

Whenever you have free time, you can do any of the 4 things below to keep the site running and to keep yourself updated on SEO for photographers.

1. Google on the latest SEO algorithm

The first thing you can do is to update yourself on the latest algorithm Google uses to optimizes his search engine. The changes they implement will also affect you should upload your content. It doesn’t have to be too detailed down to how many keywords or the exact placement. High-quality content will automatically go up but understanding the algorithm can give you the upper hand when words aren’t going to be your main content.

2. Maintenance

During your maintenance, there are several things you need to fix, change and update. Let’s start with comments. You can filter unwanted comments, disable them or simply pull a new sheet over the comment sections on all posts. There are plugins out there that can do this job easily with just a few clicks.

Then it’s to update the plugins and theme that you use. Always remember to backup before you do this. Updating the theme and plugins will help in making sure the site run well in its optimum state.

3. Learn about SEO or leave it to the pro

Business skills is a separate skill set that you’ll need if you want to thrive. While training in photography should never be neglected, SEO for photographers’ lessons are equal to adding salt to the main ingredient you are about to cook. Without it, it won’t taste right.

www.photoproseo.com is one of the best places to get your SEO audited and also all the necessary planning and lessons on SEO. You can find out why your posts aren’t getting the clicks you wanted or how to better optimize the pictures you uploaded to be found.

4. Read up on photography

Yes, read. A lot. It’s hard to optimize a site filled with only pictures when people can only find you through words. That’s why you need to be able to utilize words to the maximum, creating content that is not repetitive, yet efficient and loved by the readers.

Playing with words is probably something you’re not used to and that’s why reading is going to help. As you learn how writers incorporate them in describing their pictures, you can hopefully use that with yours, too.

5. Update your blog

This is better done regularly, but not all clients would want to have their wedding to be disclosed to the whole world. Instead, you can update them intermittently whenever you have the free time to write about the wedding and upload the best pictures of that day.

Remember to incorporate the latest SEO for photographers technique that you learn. It’s always better to practice what you just learned. This way, your site will remain as an up-to-date site for Google because inactivity is also a bad thing.

Should Wedding Photography Be Priced Like This?

wedding photography ScotlandThe concern over whether wedding photography Scotland is overpriced is not unfounded. We can barely understand why things cost so much when we can’t see where all our investment goes. But, don’t worry, for all the couples that are seriously considering this, because we understand that your special day should not go wrong.

If high-quality things are worth that much, then it’s understandable that one should not doubt the price but rather prioritize the true value of it. We want to show you, then, the true value of wedding photography.

Becoming your friends

Don’t be surprised when I say that one of a professional photographer’s aim in making sure they deliver a good job is to become your good friends. The job requires cooperative couples, not just a good pair of photographer’s eyes.

This will determine a lot on how the pictures are going to look like. Will you look stiff and awkward, or will you look awesome and happy? That’s the kind of difference we’re talking about. Furthermore, you also want to be mentally stress-free during your special day, because that is one of the biggest problems most couples face. And there you are screaming about how exciting and happy you are to be married.

Investing in your wedding

Your photographer does not simply come to your wedding, shoot for eight hours, and then leave. Those who do professional wedding photography Scotland like www.blackfoxphotography.co.uk does more than just that. In order to make sure that they can focus on their work, they are willing to sacrifice time to consult with you and visit your wedding venue on their own.

When the distance allows them to, they will want to test shoot several spots there because they want to ensure that they are making use of all the time during your special day. There’s not enough time to experiment; it’s going to be a typhoon of guests, processions, and wine.

They will even reject wedding offers that happen too close to yours. Depending who booked him first though. Just saying, so you don’t miss that amazing photographer you’ve been eyeing.

High-quality editing

There are photographers that only do minor editing to only several selected pictures. Professionals with prices that you are close to calling rip-offs may do more than just minor editing. They readjust the pictures to enhance the colors, makes your skin glows and sprinkles some magic into the picture.

There you go, Instagram-worthy wedding pictures that will make everyone jealous!

The time spent with you

If you need to consult with them on something about your wedding, just give them a call! They’ll be sure to help you with as many things as they can within their power. Know that there are countless couples out there who were saved by their wedding photographers regarding the issues at their wedding reception. It was either the backdrop of their stage showing ridiculous DJ racks, or the photo booth no showing up.

They will also attend your wedding rehearsal if you wish because they want to help you position yourself the best way so you’ll look good in pictures and videos. They will also provide the rehearsal pictures for you in your wedding photography Scotland package because these will look way relaxed than your wedding day when everybody is just tense and nervous.

Why Professional Wedding Photographer Lancashire is Irreplaceable

wedding photographer LancashireWedding preparation is comprised of a lot of things. There are the vendors to look for, the wedding cake to choose from, the decoration to think of and the wedding dress to try on. One of the most important thing that often gets overlooked is the wedding photographer Lancashire.

At first, it might not seem like one of the most important things one has to consider, but what they do is definitely something that will become very important in the years to come. If all your preparations are made for the success of that one special day, your wedding photographer is the one that makes sure it will be remembered for a really long time.

Making memories

Special days like anniversaries and engagement day always worth at least a few snaps of pictures. That includes the wedding day. It’s the beginning of a whole new phase of life. You definitely made a lot of preparations and sacrificed sleep to make sure that everything is going smoothly.

With so many sacrifices on your side, have you ever thought how fast that day is going to pass? So many things happened at one time and you could only see and remember so much as you’re also focused on your own wedding. Well, pictures can easily help you take a lot at the other side of the party.

It’s also a powerful tool to keep your memories of that day intact. All becomes possible if you have a capable wedding photographer Lancashire like www.jadedohertyphotography.co.uk to do the job.

Professionals are serious

Sometimes, we want to opt for a cheaper option, like hiring affordable photographers or have a cousin or your sister to take the pictures. We don’t want to sound offensive, but we’d like to lay out the fact.

Firstly, if those people have never been professionally trained or receive formal education on the job, they’re inexperienced people. You’re giving a big responsibility and important task to someone who can’t understand and even do a good job for it. Even if they have the passion and love, it’s not enough to capture gorgeous pictures.

That’s the clear difference between them and professionals. If you got yourself an experienced guy, you can be at ease in knowing that he can handle even possible weather problems or technicalities to make sure you will still get those fabulous wedding pictures you wanted.

You can get your wedding album

It’s not that you cannot print your own album, but with a pro, you can consult and even have him customize the look of the album to your preferences. That’s definitely not the case with a lot of amateurs. It’s a whole different subject to explore aside from photography.

That aside, your photographer can also inform you about the different qualities you can find in the wedding album. This will help you compare the price to value easier.

They do post-production

We cannot guess how far your cousin or relative is willing to do for you, but even if they want, editing is not an easy task. It’s very time-consuming and you definitely want the result to become better. That is not the case if you never learned about it or it will take ages.

If you have a professional wedding photographer Lancashire, you can see that he’ll promise you the album after editing in within 4 months. That’s a quick, professional speed.